PiercingMetal.com is Six Years Old Today!!!

Has it been six years already? Man, time sure does fly when you think about it.

The funny thing about anniversaries when it comes to PiercingMetal.com is that the date is not 100% correct based on the fact that we were building and loading content into what appeared to be a stable and functional design for two months before we launched and announced our presence to the Metal Republic. Back in early 2005 it was a little easier to be online and remain “hidden” so to speak. Some might say that this is cheating, but in truth it is not because how much fun is the announcement of a “Coming Soon” banner or learning of a potentially cool new website with only two or three articles loaded into it? In my humble opinion that is not much fun at all so we coded, tested and waited until almost all of my past writing work was ready to go in the new format which we launched six years ago today on 4/4/2005.


Over these six years we have watched A LOT of changes happening in terms of the music industry and since I do an editorial every year end about the lay of the land, I will not recant the same kind of views as found in those, but believe me this is miles different today as it was when I started it all out. In the beginning the common viewpoint was why start an online when its not as important as putting out a magazine and now the magazines for this kind of stuff are moving steadily closer to extinction and the web is the way to go. Blogs were kind of around when I launched this but they were not as important as they are today by any sense. Nowadays, one must not only have a solid online presence for their brand but they should have a blog connected to it if at all possible. PiercingMetal.com added a blog to the mix a few years ago and while its use was marginal in the beginning, it has since become a very important extension of the main review premise on the website.  In some sense its become a thing of its own under the main brand identity.  Using the official PiercingMetal.com Musings Blog has allowed me to bring readers closer into the actual goings on and my adventures more than just lining out the objective reviews that I am posting as often as possible on the main website. The blog has been great in helping the concert coverage pieces make more of an impact because its allowed me to expand upon the thoughts from shows and present stylishly dressed fans, the bands merchandise or other fun moments that are seldom seen anywhere else.  Its also great to see the comments from other people in the audience as they line out their own views in addition to mine. I will continue to welcome the relevant and topical viewpoints when they come in and encourage all fans to take more of a stand for our music. It also mixes up the time spent doing review piece after review piece. Fans can subscribe to the Blogs RSS feed and be more in the loop and trust me that when I observe something worthy of blogging in there I will do it for you.

The other difference from back in the bygone days of 2005 was the cruel hard fact that having a MySpace page was not going to get you noticed anymore on its own and you would need to work within the structures of not only Facebook and Twitter for yourself, but also make sure that your brand name was being broadcast across these particular mediums again and again. PiercingMetal.com uses an official Facebook Fan Page and an Official Twitter feed and we ask that the site believers not only share our posts and retweet our feeds when they see them, but also that they keep helping to talk about what we are up to for the music that we all love by telling other Metal people about the page and all of its offerings. Folks that are starting out today in this kind of hobby sure will have a lot to juggle considering all the added stimuli that is out there. I am secretly planning to introduce more use of a YouTube page and a Blog Talk Radio outlet when time allows and oops. There goes the secret.

Adding it all up we now have loaded in approximately 2150 review articles, 1050 concert photo galleries, 550 blogs and our ever updated NYC region calendar and all of this is 100% fully searchable. As you know, we are always doing something with the site for your interest so I do not have to tell you that those numbers will be higher by the time that I compile the next editorial when 2011 closes its doors on us..

I thank all of the folks who are interested and supportive of the site for their tireless belief in the brand name and reinforcing my decision to act as champion for our favorite music with sharpened sword. Your positive energy and enthusiasm give me great powers and clarity when it comes to the task at hand. I look so forward to entertaining you again and again. Now if you will excuse me, these articles do not write themselves and I must get back to work. Horns up Legions. Let’s Keep it Metal m/

PiercingMetal's Ken Pierce (photo by Skeleton Pete Parrella)

I wanted to close out this anniversary posting with a wonderful photo by our own Skeleton Pete Parrella.  Folks might recall his name as being an occasional site contributor in terms of photography and narratives.  The photo came about by happenstance, as the pair of us were on a professional photo job and I had to help him test the lighting of the set we were working on.  Before “posing” I suggested we make it more memorable, so I grabbed the jacket and shades and tossed up the Metal horns.  Pete snapped a few shots and later on in the day when he reviewed the work he mentioned that the shot we did for lighting purposes came out pretty damn good in his professional opinion.  Without bragging I had to agree that is was a nice shot and I’ve been using it for the website purposes ever since.  Thanks a lot Pete.

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