PiercingMetal Celebrates Twelve Years Online (2005-2017)

Good afternoon my fine Metal friends, I’m here to tell you that today is the 12th Anniversary of the PiercingMetal.com outlet. In some sense it feels like yesterday that I decided to branch out on my own from the couple of brands that I contributed to and at others it does not and instead feels like a lifetime. My how the times have changed for this stuff over the years. Back then the magazines were still one of the best ways to enjoy the myriad of Metal bands that were out there but unless you were reading the European offerings you rarely would have heard of so many of the bands that are now almost common discussion among fans. Facebook and Twitter were still pretty new and now they are a focused part of our day and yeah I’m using them for the website on a regular basis so I hope that you are with us for that social networking ride.

Since I always do a look back on how this site started against what it is now I have to say that it’s a world of difference from the original premise that was launched twelve years ago. Back then, I only wanted it to be reviews and concert photos and yeah I did those in massive amounts but I was never going to blog about stuff. Then a blog was created which let me discuss so many other side topics that related to the stuff on the once separate review side. I was also never going to use these newfangled Social Networks for site promotion but I am using all of them nowadays. I wanted to make the whole site into WordPress and a conversion began in 2014 and I’m happy to report that PiercingMetal.com is now 85% in WordPress and constantly working towards full transition. There are still a few hundred or so legacy articles that bear some re-editing and format for inclusion in the way it looks now. The constant happenings in the music world today find the older items taking a backseat while the more “spur of the moment” items are addressed. Though I don’t treat the outlet as a newsfeed site like the great Bravewords.com and MelodicRock.com handle, I do offer up the touring plans, the band lineup changes and the occasional record label signing to keep some level of newsy article being featured when it’s best to do so. Creatively speaking our archive of content has just surpassed the “4600” mark in terms of postings and these posts span a wide gamut of topical review, photo galleries and features that inform on numerous different interests. When I merged the once side blog into the main presentation I decided to also up my game in the Pop Culture stuff so as you peruse the Comics and On Screen or Toy posts you will see there is a lot more there. It makes sense since bands write and star in comic books and there are numerous toys for them as well.

I’ve also been pretty proud of the contests that I’ve offered up to the readers for several years. If my math is correct, I have given away over “1500” tickets to see some of the greatest bands that came a calling. I even dished out some movie tickets for the topical areas of focus but that is a rather new offering. As someone who loves to see shows, it’s great to have put so many people into things for free. The links below show the most visited posts over the past year and these have only been calculating under the WordPress software since the redo. I found this list interesting since the makeup of the bunch was three broadcasts about upcoming events and two actual articles. The first was about a rocking event down in The Studio at Webster Hall that had a fashion element to it and the other was in advance look inside the opening of a club that really doesn’t showcase our sort of musical events as much anymore. There’s like two or three a year now. Those two reports were always in WordPress and not the original HTML version of the site and hence have more “life” according to the accrued WP Stats. In time the more popular band pieces will manifest since they are all being calculated the same way now.


Since WordPress also allows me to see the most viewed item over history I’ve decided to share the two top posts according to its calculations. They are each concert reviews and one would be the second time that we covered the Black Veil Brides and the final time doing so for the great Type O Negative. It was also the last time that I would ever see that band based on Peter Steele’s passing.


It’s been said that there are over 1 billion websites currently online and while a few hundred thousand of them are cited as being dormant, that is still a whole lot of websites offering up all sorts of entertainment and information. Traffic to our little corner of the web has continued to be steady with some months being higher and others lower. We surpassed the “25 million” Pages Viewed mark and that is only a growing number and I’m happy about that. In today’s music scene, everyone is either a writer or photographer and everyone at the show is blogging about it or sharing on their Facebook. If you are choosing to spend any of your online time with us, we are greatly appreciative of that. I’ll close up now as I’ve said enough about our reaching twelve years but again thanks for your visits, your follows on the assorted social networks and your being awesome when I get to talk to you about past items and future plans and your comments on the posts when you have something interesting to add to the mix. Believe me I love those and say keep it coming. I want to also extend some thanks to those press and management outlets who I’ve been working with for many years. Without your resources this would be a lot more work so thanks for your provisions. Now it’s time to get back on the editing of the old and composing about the new. The first day towards #13 begins now. Links to our assorted social network presences are below so if you’ve not signed on yet please do so as I don’t want you to miss a thing.

Let us know what you’ve thought about the journey so far in the comments below.

Relevant Links:
Main Site: You Are Here Already ?
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/piercingmetal
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/piercingmetal
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/piercingmetalnyc
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/piercingmetal

4 thoughts on “PiercingMetal Celebrates Twelve Years Online (2005-2017)”

  1. Congratulations Ken on “12 Wasted Years” (1987 Iron Maiden documentary reference that I have on VHS lol). We appreciate all the hard work and great content. PiecingMetal is my go to site. There are so many great reviews on music, movies, shows, comics and conventions. You bring a lot of exposure to bands and events to your readers. The reviews are thorough and insightful and the photography is top notch (it’s not easy taking quality photos with the difficult lighting at many of these shows). The Piercing Calendar is extremely helpful in being able to see what upcoming events are planned. That is a ton of research work you provide to your readers. You have a ton of followers so keep up the good work and continue spreading the word on so many great acts, releases and events. \m/ \m/

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