PiercingMetal Celebrates Thirteen Years Online (2005-2018)

Hello my friends in the world of Heavy Metal music and Geekdom, I’m here to share the news that today is the PiercingMetal website’s thirteenth birthday and that it was officially announced to the masses on this very day back in 2005. It’s been quite a thrill ride since that fateful day when I said to myself that I would invest a whole lot of time into the process of administrating a website. On this “Lucky 13th” milestone I’m here to share some thoughts about how different it’s become from the bygone days and how much the scene around us has changed

When the website launched it was 100% objective review and photo galleries and that was based on it being sold as an online magazine for such topics. It was presented to the masses in the conventional HTML and was driven by a MySQL database. I loved the flow of it and how easy it was to find things but with such a rigid programming code to follow any necessary changes required days of modifying hundreds and then thousands of code pages. Some of you might remember how the website looked from 2005-2014 and for the newbies I’ve added in a photo below.

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As the years passed by some of the creatives around us began using both Blogger and WordPress to share their message and the aspect of Blogging rose in popularity. In response, I created a side blog known as “PiercingMetal Musings” which was aimed at adding a more personal voice to new items while keeping the straightforward reviews on the other side of the fence. Thanks to this angle, I was able to add features such as comic book, film and convention coverages into the mix and even expand my concert reports by showing fan photos, merchandise and more. I used WordPress for the musings and loved that readers could add their own commentary into the mix since that was impossible to have in hard coded HTML. In 2014 I converted the reviews side into WordPress as well and shortly after announced the ending of the “Musings” as the complete content based of the blog would be integrated into the “All-New PiercingMetal.com”.
Looking at it today, the menus show both Features and Reviews and if I needed to quantify those two categories, I guess that I could say that the Features were all “Musings” blog content while Reviews was the original website. Each side of these has since expanded and been modified to reflect the times. I would leave the Comics, Films and Toys stuff to their own categories for easiest focus on them and thanks to the way the mass media side of this has gone, there is a ton of that stuff with so much more coming. Calculating it all up, the WordPress Database Archive has just locked in its 5,445th entry. I had hoped to drive this past the 6K mark by getting more of the Legacy Content back online by this anniversary but with a very grueling publishing schedule to deal with the old stuff has taken a backseat to the new offerings. Whenever there is a slow day some old stuff is placed back into the mix. Remember that all the old stuff needs a retooling to the specs of WordPress before going back online and that takes some time to do when you get 300 or so emails with pitches each and every day.

Among the many highlights for me as the principle creative force behind the website would be our regional Events Calendar. Since launching, I’ve logged in more than six thousand events for our readers to be aware of and with the merging of the blog into the core site there have been a lot of conventions, special appearances and releases in addition to a wealth of concert performances to keep you apprised of. Another item I am very proud of would be our contests area. I toyed with this a couple of times between 2009-10 but amped this up from 2011 on. Thanks to the relationships I’ve built with numerous marketing and publicity channels, I’m proud to say that we’ve given away over 1,600 tickets across almost 250 contests. It’s such a blast to put people into the room for awesome bands and films.

The premise of the content has changed somewhat since our first hello to the world and now in addition to objective reviews, I share tons of trailers from the action hero films along with numerous comic book pieces since we just love that stuff. There are also a lot more announcement type posts and while I never wanted to re-broadcast press releases the need to do so for items such as that have come to make sense. I’ve also upped the ante on the amount of “single reviews” and “video series” clips since so many bands we like are dishing those out well in advance of a full album. It’s kept the website busy for sure and many are enjoying the difference of content offerings that all of this stuff brings to their attention. When you consider just how many websites, podcasts and video channels exist today in addition to the social networking accounts of numerous brands, one has to really stay on point and diversify as best as possible. I would like to get back on point with interviews since I am always talking to interesting people out there and many of these discussions would be of interest to you readers for sure. I like to think there are plenty of things for everyone to read about (provided they like heavy music and geek stuff).

Speaking of social networking, for the last few years, PiercingMetal has maintained a presence on the most important Social Networks of the day. They include an Official Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram which are all used to bring you along with us and engage you as a reader as much as possible. There is a YouTube Channel as well but I haven’t done many “directly speaking to viewers clips” and instead have tried to raise your awareness of a particular moment at a show. Perhaps I will finally change that premise considering how popular videos are nowadays. These networks are a numbers game so if you are not keeping up with the website on them I ask that you please do so and engage with us when you see new stuff posted.

As I’ve gone on for too long already let me close out by saying “Thank You” to all those who have helped with some interesting submissions and especially a world of thanks to those who still find this to their liking after so many years and keep on supporting it through thick and thin. “Thank You” to all the providers of resources and materials for me to talk about because without your help there would be a lot more research involved. Some of you readers are diehards and we love you for it and you make the creative process all the more fun. Now its time for me to get back to the everything else on the media docket so hold on tight as we aim for year fourteen from today on…..

About The Photos: The two top photos you see were created especially for this thirteenth anniversary announcement and the first one uses my signature rings along with strategically positioned dice. As you can see, both visible sides equal “13”. The second photo was done at our local Galaxy Comics shop where I was inspired when I saw the word “Metal”. Fortunately they indulged me and let me have some fun with a multi-sided die and a few Funko Pop-Minis. That’s Spider-Gwen and Mighty Thor in case you wondered.

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2 thoughts on “PiercingMetal Celebrates Thirteen Years Online (2005-2018)”

  1. ????Happy Anniversary!!???? Wow, I remember you were just getting Piercing Metal off the ground when we met, and now look where you are! I’m so happy for your success, and that you get to do something you truly love every day. May Piercing Metal have many more happy anniversaries to come! ??

  2. Congratulations on this anniversary. I have been a huge fan and supporter from the very beginning. Your site has introduced and informed me about so many different bands, albums, concerts and events. Great journalism, insight and photography. My favorite example is Kamelot. I had not heard of them. Now I struggle to find anyone better. I constantly check the site for reviews and concert updates and love the diverse content. Thank you for all the hard work, reviewing , supporting and spreading the word on such amazing artists. \m/ \m/

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