PiercingMetal Celebrates Sixteen Years Online (2005-2021)

Hello my friends, I’m here to share the news that the PiercingMetal.com website has successfully completed another go around the sun and is celebrating the 16th Anniversary of today launch today this 4/4/2021. It’s also Easter Sunday today so “Happy Easter” to those readers who are celebrating that holiday along with us. Now as the more tenured readership might remember, I generally line out a whole bunch of details about the site for the newbies and celebrate with a host of themed numeric visuals. However, this time around I’m going to keep it rather simple because its been a very busy few weeks and the to do list for the coming days is growing exponentially. I’m sure you’ll understand my preference in keeping you entertained as opposed to spending too much time on what’s come before. Of course a quick recap of the past year is in order.

2020 found the world at large changing and yet despite the lack of concerts, special events and conventions to attend past the month of March I made sure to keep a consistent posting regimen here on PiercingMetal and our companion site “The Chronicles” of Piercing Ken. When I added it all up it amounted to more than 600 published posts from March 8th 2020 until now across the two outlets. The posts are in addition to any of the YouTube video clips and Instagram posts that were created along with dedicated use of the Facebook and Twitter profiles for the brands. This practice has not stopped as 2021 passes its first quarter. So what’s next? Let me brief you on some plans.

In addition to the 600 plus posts, Instagrams and YouTube Channel clips, I launched a connecting senior level branding called Ken Pierce Media and this serves the double sided creative coin as the executive branch for the ideas. It’s humble start in June 2020 has found it becoming something far more important than foreseen. Now to close this up with an important request, I will address the constant inquiry from the more dedicated fandom of the work who regularly ask me “what can we do” and very simply its to help us to kick more butt in the Social Networks. Facebook keeps changing their algorithm so fans don’t see the posts, and Twitter is a tough sell on the whole. If you are following those accounts we ask that you retweet or share posts to your friends and bring them over to help the numbers grow. We really need to hit some milestones there and we are not bombarding your feed with junk or being serial tweeters posting every moment of their day to the feed. With Instagram we ask that you follow and like the images you see so more show up to you and with YouTube your official subscription and viewing time is what makes that channel work for us. You need more than 1K subs to achieve any momentum so if you are not yet official over there come on down. I’ve been finding some fun clips and making flashback photo videos from past conventions since we need to be reminded of these great events in their absence. Truth be told, we really want to make our YouTube a centerpiece to the creativity going forward and there are more than four thousand of you following the Facebook so that is how you help us the very best.

As far as the content base goes, I’ve amplified the Pop Culture section based on all the shows and films and comic releases that have picked up steam over the last year. With no concert tours to discuss and only streaming events it’s been very beneficial and as you know we love that stuff anyway. The plan is to address more single release reviews since many artists are putting those out to keep us entertained. The existing features will be expanded to keep you engaged and remember while comments on the socials are nice, they really help the vibrancy of the website by being left on the original site article as well. As always the topical stuff if approved straightaway. Another important item to be aware of is the Ko-fi profile which serves as a virtual tip jar to help us keep this whole thing funded. I’ve used the Ken Pierce Media branding on the account since it works towards the entire body of work.

The links below will bring you to the stuff we need you on and as mentioned we try not to overdo it but we are regularly active. We know you’re reading the website because we closed 2020 with more than two million pages viewed and that’s not too shabby for an Internet with over 1.9 billion websites. Thanks for reading all of this and thanks ever so much for your tireless support, encouragement and interest in the way that we do things. We know that some of you didn’t like the transition into a more Metal based Entertainment site when I morphed into that back in 2014 but judging by the server logs we are doing just fine by the audience as we continue to deliver the goods. Stay safe out there and know that I look forward to seeing so many of you again when its possible to do so. I’ll likely be wearing a mask and I might not be shaking hands but you will for sure know we’re happy to be in the mix again. Cheers.

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