PiercingMetal Celebrates Eleven Years Online (2005-2016)

Hey there my Metal Legions, I am proud to announce that I am turning it up to “11” here on PiercingMetal.com and if you are not following me based on the hour that I’m making this post – Today is the 11th Anniversary of PiercingMetal’s launch. Yessir, way back when I decided to deliver this Metal media outlet, I opted with 4/4 as my launching date since I am a former drummer and it was fun to make that our birth date to the world. Of course it would have been even more awesome to have launched in 2004 to be 4-4-4 but oh well, the idea hadn’t come to me until sometime in January of 2005. After a couple of months of plotting and planning and idea brainstorming – it launched. Tada and welcome, what an amazing ride its been so far.

Photo - Volume Knob 11

Looking back to compare the site from the very beginning against how it is in the present day is quite jolting for me because I remember how it begin as a straight HTML website with some focused areas of review along with a pretty healthy calendar of things to in the region. Over time there were some additional review areas added and a comprehensive photo section which I felt added to the scope of offerings quite nicely. Then blogging became a lot more prominent so one was created to discuss a whole other area of things that the fans of our music also enjoyed and of course were also interests of mine. That Pop Culture stuff sure did let me expand the brands reach and meet even more interesting people along the way. As the outlet approached passed its 9th Anniversary, a complete redo was put into play and it merged the classic review side in with the standalone blog side turning the two sided coin into one big WordPress offering. With so many parts to integrate, many legacy items are still works in progress and that is because its more important to keep the presentations coming and engaging your interests. I have to say that I love having everything in one place with each and every article or photograph relating to one another. It’s much more dynamic than it was able to be back in the day.


The last eleven years have been both a fascinating and fun ride for sure. I’ve met some truly incredible band members and the folks that allow my work to get done as best as possible. It’s really awesome to be able to speak about such talent on this medium and shine lights on stuff that the world needs to know about. According to some of the record keeping I do, I’ve written a few thousand review items, saw about 1500 bands in concert and shot about 75k photographs. The process is sometimes exhausting but so worth it if you make any sort of difference for music that you are passionate about. For the past bunch of Anniversaries I’ve been finding various representations of the number of the anniversary to feature in this kind of posting but I have to say that not only is it getting harder and harder to find them as we tack on the years; there is just too much on the creative plate to offer up more than one of them this time around. I would be exaggerating if I said that I was planning on resting on my laurels as result of the anniversary. I’ve actually just gotten home from seeing Sonata Arctica perform and later on tonight will be seeing Uli Jon Roth at B.B. King’s. I’ll celebrate this 11th year by keeping out in the fields of Metal and media. If you are someone who has followed the site from the beginning, I say thanks for all the tireless support and if you are new to the presentation please accept this welcome to our work thought. I’ve a lot planned in addition to continuing the complete integration of my legacy content which still continues based on just how much had been done. Hopefully you are following the social networks where various things are shared and discussed. There are links around the main page to guide you to the lot of them. Thanks once again and now the climb to year 12 begins.

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