Piercing Ken’s Coverage Of PDN Photoplus Expo (2010)

Before you get confused by my title of this post let me explain a little bit. Back in May, I decided to launch a second website which would be less focused on my Metal Music Adventuring and more aimed at sharing other photography and events that I attended and wanted to share with you. I am not one that lets his creative edge be directed by Facebook, so I came up with a name that I felt was clever in “PiercingKen.com” and I welcomed readers to it on my Social Networks with THIS POSTING (click that text by the way).

Logo - PDN Photoplus Expo

That being said I decided to use PiercingMetal’s Blog capacity to periodically showcase what I have going on over there on PiercingKen in a post on this side of my creative fence. One of the conventions that I just started to go to is the PDN Photo Expo and since I didn’t request “press” or other “media credentials” for it and essentially was a fan of photography and gear wandering the expo floor, it made more sense to feature any images and opinion on the other website. This signpost of a posting should be thought of as a traffic sign directing you down another path to see the story if you so wish. Thanks for your interest in PiercingMetal.com and hopefully in this new site PiercingKen.com – I love entertaining you.

PiercingKen Goes To The PDN Photoplus Expo 2010

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