Piercing Ken Goes To The Book Expo America 2015

Hi my fine feathered friends, just a quick sidebar to let you know that I once again had attended the Book Expo America convention that is held down in the Javits Center in NYC. In the past that coverage would be right here on PiercingMetal and was based on the properties that I usually observe that fall right into our readers interests but this year I’ve decided to place that adventure and its companion Book Con stuff over on my PiercingKen.com site. It just made more sense and if you click the logo graphic below you will be magically transported to that website where you can examine it all. Enjoy and stay tuned for more music and pop culture stuffs right here.

Logo - BEA

I’ve disabled the means to comment on this posting since its merely a traffic sign to the larger coverage. You are most welcome to leave topical thoughts on those narratives. Thanks.

Official Website: http://www.bookexpoamerica.com/