“Phoenix Rising” [Blu-ray] by Deep Purple

Artist: Deep Purple
Title: “Phoenix Rising” [Blu-ray]
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 6/28/2011
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

PiercingMetal’s own Skeleton Pete had already coined the phrase “Purple Summer” when it’s came to Eagle Rock Entertainment’s issue of a wide selection of releases from the legendary Hard Rock band and it’s absolutely correct as they have been re-issuing classic material with bonus live and demo tracks as well as unearthing vintage documentary pieces such as this one on a quality medium with additions that make the buyer say “Wow this is awesome”. One such release is the recent “Phoenix Rising” which is a documentary film for the most part but also includes some archival concert footage that has never been fully issued to fans. “Phoenix Rising” deals with the Mark III and Mark IV era of the band and showcases that roster which featured David Coverdale, Glen Hughes and Tommy Bolin; Ritchie Blackmore had left the lineup and surprised many. Since I can hardly expand on the views that Pete gave us about this era of the band, I am linking to his review on the site as he covered the DVD/CD combo version of the release. I’ll toss in my thoughts on the subtle and not too subtle differences between this edition and the Blu-ray version that is also in my hands. Read on.

Pete’s review HERE: http://piercingmetal.com/phoenix-rising-dvdcd-by-deep-purple/

Now let’s discuss the Blu-ray edition. As expected this will have a little more punch in terms of its video and audio quality but let’s face it, we are dealing with footage that is almost forty years old and done on the standard equipment of the day. As mentioned there is a DVD/CD edition that gives the buyer a vintage concert from this era of the band and the CD is NOT a part of the package as a separate item but is instead a menu option on the Blu-ray. That means to hear the concert you just select this on the menu and sit back and enjoy. Doing so just plays the music through your television or computer but there is not any visual featured with this which I felt would have been nice. The next big difference is the fact that the DVD/CD edition features two mini-booklets and these are amazing to behold. Sadly we do not get these booklets in the Blu-ray and instead get a smaller more succinct booklet that is a vast difference from the great examinations we found in the other version. I was not sure why this was left out of the often pricier high definition version. Let’s not confuse the buyer at a time when they are leaving stuff on the shelves now shall we.

The bottom line is that if you are a real hard core fan of the band then you might want to purchase the other edition as it gives you the booklets and the extra CD. If you are just a conventional fan who wants no part of that and will be best served by what the Blu-ray offers then that is the road you should take.

Track Listing:
1. Burn
2. Love Child
3. Smoke On The Water
4. You Keep On Coming
5. Highway Star

Bonus Concert Tracks: Burn, Gettin’ Tighter, Love Child, Smoke On The Water, Lazy, Homeward Strut, You Keep On Moving, Stormbringer

Official Website: http://www.deep-purple.com

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