Phish Announces 2017–2018 New Year’s Run At Madison Square Garden

If you’ve been paying close attention to the tour announcements area of the website, you might recall my sharing the news about Phish doing their “Baker’s Dozen” tour in NYC. It was essentially a lengthy residency and you can refer to THIS LINK if you just felt like seeing it despite it having happened already. The other day the band announced their annual New Year’s Eve performances which will take place once more at the famed Madison Square Garden. Check out the cool poster.

The Dates:
12/28/2017: Madison Square Garden, NYC
12/29/2017: Madison Square Garden, NYC
12/30/2017: Madison Square Garden, NYC
12/31/2017: Madison Square Garden, NYC

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Sadly, I didn’t get to ANY of those “Baker’s Dozen” gigs from over the summer despite having some interest in catching at least one. Historically speaking I’ve never caught Phish in concert and with the way that my friends speak about their shows its something that I need to do before they decide to retire. With so many bands calling it a career, you never know when a break is coming or a hiatus or what have you. Okay, so in order to get your tickets you have to go through their system which can be found on THIS LINK. Good luck on getting them because I’ve been told that they sell out almost immediately. If you feel like adding anything more to this narrative please do so in the comments section below since its always nice to hear from you. Until next time.

Official Website:

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