Phil Anselmo Announces Return Of “Housecore Horror Fest” for 2015

While I didn’t go to this based on the distance, I sure wish that the logistics were not as prohibitive for me and since I know some of you regional site readers are just crazy enough to jump on a plane, train or automobile to get your dose of the Metal, I am sharing this press release and posted that I received yesterday. Take a look.

Poster - Anselmos Housecore Horror Festival - A - 2015

Legendary metal frontman and Housecore Records founder, Philip H. Anselmo, is bringing his horror-themed film and metal festival back for a third year. After a great ride in Austin, the festival will kick off in San Antonio, Texas at the Aztec Theater on November 13th -15th, 2015.

The decision to return was driven by the desire to honor his friend and festival co-founder, Corey Mitchell, who tragically passed away last October. Mitchell was the driving creative force behind the festival’s success, and Anselmo believes there is no better way to pay tribute to his friend than to carry on for a third year.

“I’ve got a great team in place to help make this what Corey and I wanted it to be,” he says. “There are a lot of mixed emotions here because no one can replace him. But, we know he would want this to continue and so that’s what we’re going to do. We miss him and think about him every day.”

Bands already confirmed to play are Suffocation, Autopsy, Cripple Bastards, Nails, SYk & Dalila Kayros, YOB, Eyehategod, Child Bite, Warbeast and many more to be announced soon. Maryland Deathfest co-founder Ryan Taylor will be booking bands this year and will help Anselmo craft a musical lineup that would make Mitchell proud.

In addition to showcasing the best in extreme metal, the festival will screen film gems from the personal vaults of both Anselmo and Mitchell. Horror filmmakers are encouraged to submit their films and winners will be selected in various categories and given the coveted Rot-Scar Award. “When Corey and I started this thing, it was important to us that we help independent filmmakers get their incredible work discovered,” Anselmo continues. “Nothing has changed, in that respect.”

PiercingMetal Thoughts: It sounds like an interesting and super-duper heavy affair based on who is listed as playing and remember there will be more acts added as the event draws closer. I will circle back in another month or so to see what has changed if anything. What do you readers think so far? Is this something that you must be a part of? Let me know in the comments below. See you next time.

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