Paul Booth Shutters Current Location Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Paul Booth’s name is not only famous from the world of tattooing but also in the Metal music and art scene. The ongoing issues with the Coronavirus, have forced Booth to make a decision about his current space and below you will find his official statement on the matter and the future.

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The Statement:
Due to COVID-19 and the current economic struggle we are all facing, I have had to close down our current premises housing Last Rites Tattoo Theatre, Last Rites Gallery, and Booth Gallery. I am taking the next year to let the situation play out and plan to reopen in 2021 at a brand new location.

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Paul Booth from 2017 NY Empire State Tattoo Expo by KP

I thank all of you for your patronage over the last two decades and very much appreciate your support and understanding in this matter.

To stay in the loop with future plans you can follow on Instagram at @PaulBooth and on Facebook at @PaulBoothOfficial. Thank you and may you all stay safe moving forward in these troubled times.

Paul Booth

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This is some sad news for sure but with no business coming in to places like his based on the virus and the rent still being due it makes logical sense. Part of me feels that 2020 as a whole will find many more announcements such as this and one can only hope that our favorite locations are all able to ride the storm and return stronger than ever. Now though I am a fan of the amazing tattoos and the art that makes them up I’ve never gotten one for myself as its just not for me personally. That being said I’ve still been in Booth’s gallery a number of times over the years and am always ready to document his attendance at the New York Empire State Tattoo Expo that I cover for “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”. Considering the creative mind that Booth possesses, I can hardly wait to see what this break finds him coming up with. One of the fun adventures I had at the gallery was a Z2 Comics reveal by Andy Black that was discussed HERE. Good luck to Paul and company.

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