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“Paranoid” Live (Single) by Black Sabbath

Artist: Black Sabbath
Title: “Paranoid” Live – Single
Label: Eagle Records
Release Date: 10/12/1027
Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Rating: 5/5

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few months, you know full well that the legendary Black Sabbath has called it a career with their “The End” tour that finished its run in their hometown of Birmingham, England back in February. A brand-new live album was recorded to commemorate the gig and while we still have about month to go before it’s release, they have delivered a single by the way of the mega-classic number “Paranoid”. I’ve decided to post some quick thoughts about the tune while we count down the days until the release of the full-length “The End” album. Here we go.

What is there to say about a song like “Paranoid” that hasn’t already been said over and over for many years. To me its one of the quintessential Hard Rock/Metal tracks and something that I think every single musician has played at least once in their lives if they are pursuing an interest in Rock music. I know that I had to play it in a number of bands on the drums and while this number comes from their final show as a group, the vibe is absolutely electric. It’s the closing number of the show, tour and career and Ozzy riles up the obviously packed arena over and over. As it closes he thanks everyone for his life. I think it is we who should be thanking Black Sabbath and that is all I will say right now since I need the other thoughts for the full album. I cannot wait to get this one and am glad that such a single will help to hold us all over for a duration.

Track Listing:
1. Paranoid – Live (Single)

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