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Paramount Pictures: “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” Official Trailer

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It’s pretty amazing to find the “Mission: Impossible” franchise hitting its 6th film and while I generally enjoy this sort of movie, it’s one franchise that I never managed to keep up with. I am not sure how that ended up happening at the onset after the first film in 1996 but here we are. The first trailer for the upcoming Paramount Pictures feature is presented for your approval so check it out and know that I will return at the close with some other thoughts.

The Plot: Ethan Hunt and his IMF team, along with some familiar allies, race against time after a mission gone wrong.

The Cast/Characters:
Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt
Henry Cavill as August Walker
Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell
Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn
Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust
Sean Harris as Solomon Lane
Angela Bassett as Erika Sloane
Vanessa Kirby as Alanna Mitsopolis
Michelle Monaghan as Julia Meade
Alec Baldwin as Alan Hunley
Wes Bentley as Erik
Frederick Schmidt as Zola Mitsopolis
Christopher McQuarrie as voice on Ethan’s mission tape

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This sure looks to be an exciting film and hey look at the appearance of Superman Henry Cavill as a part of the cast and as an adversary as well. Sadly, no matter how much I liked this I will not be able to see it in the theater myself until I catch up with the other films that I missed. I only saw the first one so need to find a friend with the DVD’s of 2-4 or hope my streaming channels have them somewhere to catch up. The comic book fan in me finds my needing to follow a sense of beginning until most recent and I am sure that many of you can see where I am coming from. Closing up I wonder what you thought about this and if you feel it made you interested in seeing the film when it opens this summer. Chime in down below because we always love hearing your input provided its kept to topic. See you next time around.

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