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Paramount Pictures: “Bumblebee” Official Trailer (12/21/2018)

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It was a little over three months ago when we first posted the teaser trailer for the Paramount Pictures feature “Bumblebee” and while I liked that, it was only a tease and didn’t show too much. You can click HERE to see it if you like because I did add one of the teaser posters over there for good measure. This post will have a different one. Now let’s look at the full trailer, premise and casting.

The Synopsis: Twenty years before the events of the first film, in 1987, Bumblebee takes refuge in a small California beach town junkyard, where a teenage girl named Charlie Watson takes him in. However, the two of them soon find themselves hunted by a Government Agency known as Sector Seven, lead by Agent Burns. As they run from society, the two learn that Bee isn’t the only Transformer on Earth, and that the others might not be as friendly. (thanks Wiki).

Cast & Characters: Humans
Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie Watson
John Cena as Burns
Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Memo
John Ortiz as Powell
Jason Drucker as Otis Watson
Pamela Adlon as Mrs. Watson
Rory Markham as Adams
Rachel Crow
Abby Quinn
Gracie Dzienny
Ricardo Hoyos
Kenneth Choi
Stephen Schneider
Len Cariou

Transformers – Autobots:
Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime

Transformers – Decepticons:
Angela Bassett as the voice of Shatter
Justin Theroux as the voice of Dropkick
David Sobolov as the voice of Blitzwing
Jess Harnell as the voice of Barricade
Shockwave, a Decepticon scientist
Soundwave, a Decepticon Communications officer
Martin Short has a voice role

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I love the first few “Transformers” films but never got around to seeing the fifth film and honestly can barely recall the fourth one at the time of this writing but I did really enjoy this trailer for “Bumblebee”. I loved the character on the classic cartoon and would love to see this in the theaters early in the run if that is possible for me. At this point in time I can’t say if that will happen since its right before Christmas and I know that the Trans-Siberian Orchestra will be playing here around that time as well, which reminds me to get my tickets before I miss out. Let’s not forget that “Aquaman” also opens up on that day and will be a bit of a higher on the list film for me. What did you readers think about this trailer and has it sold the film to you a little better. I am not sure if we shall get a second trailer but there is plenty of time for that to happen and if we do you can count on my adding it to our regular features. Until next time.

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