Ozzy Osbourne Is Hospitalized Due To Flu Complications :(

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It was just about a week ago that we shared the news about Ozzy’s European “No More Tours 2” being postponed due to illness (seen HERE in the event that you missed it). Sadly, Metal’s Prince Of Darkness is still fighting a nasty bug….

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Ozzy Osbourne w Black Sabbath (2016) by KP

Yesterday, Sharon Osbourne alerted all of Ozzy’s Legions about his being admitted to the hospital based on complications from the flu. Speaking frankly, its better that he is under a doctors observation because this years strain of flu has been nasty and stays with you. It seems that everyone I talk to has gotten a bit of it and even I did back in January despite getting the yearly shot. Ugh. No fun.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: In addition to saying “Get Well Soon Ozzy”, I want to stress that all of you be careful out there and especially those of you who are always in big crowds. It doesn’t hurt to carry a small bottle of Purell with you and a packet of Kleenex tissues. During cold and flu season I’d eliminate hand shaking in full and move to fist bumps. Wash your hands often and cover your mouth when you cough to prevent ruining someone else’s day. Sorry for being preachy but I am on the trains every single day and night and sometimes the behavior of other passengers makes me want to run for the hills but I can’t since I am trapped in the car. Once again I say “Get Well Soon Ozzy” and you people be careful as well.

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