“Overkill” – Deluxe Edition (remaster) by Motorhead

Artist: Motorhead
Title: “Overkill” – Deluxe Edition (remaster)
Label: Sanctuary Records
Release Date: 2/10/2009
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

In celebration of the bands 30th anniversary back in 2005, Sanctuary Records released remastered and expanded editions of many of the Motorhead classic albums. The double disc editions would feature the original album along with a second disc that was loaded with live tracks, rarities and outtakes that made them must haves for the discriminating fans music library. Full color booklets came par for the course with the remasters and they featured photos and topical information about the band during the time of the albums initial release that was really interesting historical reading. We reviewed a number of these albums when they first came out and since the musical content was the same we have re-presented our original comments about them below.

“Motorhead’s 1979 release of “Overkill” was going to be the album that found Lemmy, Philthy and Fast Eddie coming into their own unique sound and execution of their music. Cited by the band’s founder as “we are simply a Blues band that plays their music at 1000 miles per hour” the wheels were officially in motion as Motorhead began to dominate the building Heavy Rock scene. Those who were fans in the beginning realize that the band was never Metal, but more fast-paced and thunderous Rock and Roll in the purest form. I think this combination of straight forwardness and power met the level of appeal that it did purely because it was never masked as anything other than what it was. “Overkill” is filled with a number of classics that still remain a part of the bands set to this very day and the band’s playing was growing tighter with each album. Favorites on the album include “Stay Clean” and of course the title track as well as “No Class” and “Metropolis”. There was nothing subtle about Motorhead as a band and the music on this album celebrated that fact. The release year of 1979 also found this being a fitting headstone of the world of Disco music. Motorhead would open up the door for the 80’s Rock bands a little bit and their influence would begin to resonate in musicians all around the world. While not my favorite of the catalog, I do like this release and primarily recommend the remasters for their included extras. You can’t go wrong with them as much of these live recordings were unavailable for years. Motorhead was either a band that you loved or that you hated and it seemed like Lemmy would have you no matter what you thought. Grab this release to remember some of the early years and by all means – Stay Clean.”

Bonus CD: Louie Louie (3 versions), Tear Ya Down (3 versions), Too Late Too Late, Like A Nightmare (2 versions). BBC Session 1978 (Louie Louie, I’ll Be Your Sister, Tear Ya Down), BBC Session 1979 (Stay Clean, No Class, I’ll Be Your Sister, Too Late Too Late, (I Wont) Pay Your Price, Capricorn, Limb From Limb.

The cosmetic differences between these remasters and the initial batch are minimal but the first and most prominent one is that the jewel case which fit snugly into a cardboard sleeve has been changed. The CD’s now come on a double cardboard digipak that slides into a clear plastic sleeve while the artwork on the CD’s now feature the full visage of “Snaggletooth” as opposed to only half of his sinister mug and these new releases are black instead of the wider array of colors on the earlier ones. The booklets and content remain the same and while the hold a pricy tag for a double disc set in this economy, they are high recommendations based on the bands impact and relevance to Metal music history.

Track Listing:
1. Overkill
2. Stay Clean
3. (I Won’t) Pay Your Price
4. I’ll Be Your Sister
5. Capricorn
6. No Class
7. Damage Case
8. Tear Ya Down
9. Metropolis
10. Limb From Limb

Official Website: http://www.IMotorhead.com

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