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Out Today: “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox” (7/30/2013)

It thrilled you in comic book form and now the long anticipated animated adaptation of “Flashpoint” is here and entitled “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox”. It’s a straight to video release and you can learn more about it below the graphic.

Bluray - Justice League Flashpoint

Brief Premise (as found on Wikipedia): While visiting his mother’s grave, Barry Allen, known as the Flash, is alerted to a break-in by Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Heat Wave, Mirror Master, and Top at the Flash Museum. Defeating the rogues, he discovers that they have been hired by his arch-enemy Professor Zoom as part of a plan to destroy Central City. With the help of the Justice League, Barry foils Zoom’s plot, but Zoom’s taunts over the death of his mother still haunt Barry as he departs. The next day, Barry discovers that the world has radically changed: his powers are gone, his mother is alive, his wife Iris is married to someone else, and the Justice League does not exist.

Voice Cast:
Justin Chambers as Barry Allen / The Flash
Kevin McKidd as Thomas Wayne / Batman
C. Thomas Howell as Eobard Thawne / Professor Zoom
Michael B. Jordan as Victor Stone / Cyborg
Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne / Batman
Ron Perlman as Deathstroke
Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan / Green Lantern
Dana Delany as Lois Lane
Dee Bradley Baker as Etrigan

Obviously there will be some difference from the tales that we found in printed form because the film is only so long and this storyline spanned multiple titles and ran for a few months. You can dig into the finer points via the Wiki entry which I have added for your examination.

Official Wiki Entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justice_League:_The_Flashpoint_Paradox

A link to order the film on either standard DVD or Blu-ray has been embedded for your purchasing pleasure below. I’ve also taken the time to add the trade paperback editions of the DC Comics issues that this film is based on. Enjoy.

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