“Out Of My Mind/Holy Water” by Who Cares

Artist: Who Cares (Iommi & Gillan)
Title: “Out Of My Mind/Holy Water”
Label: Armoury Records
Release Date: 5/10/2011
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.75/5

Uniting for the sake of charity and to help an Armenian Music School comes Whocares, a veritable super group of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock talent that is truly deserving of the often abused title. You know that you agree with me on this because any combination of players from some hardly known bands are often touring as super groups and it’s enough to make you scratch your head at the rationale in the qualification. This title is properly denoted however when it comes to legendary Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi joining forces with Deep Purple’s Ian Gillan, as these two musicians are nothing less than Hard Rock and Metal royalty. It does not end with this pairing of course and the project also features Jon Lord, Nicko McBrain, Jason Newsted and Mikko “Lindhe” Lindstrom. Together with the song “Out Of My Mind” the group hopes to raise monies for the victims of a terrible earthquake that hit Armenia several years ago as the region is still in dire need of assistance. Isn’t it amazing how quickly society forgets this kind the thing the moment that new “news” hits the Interwebs and broadcasts. Gillan and Iommi worked together before on Black Sabbath’s “Born Again” album and while this was never my own favorite I know people who would argue with me on this to great extent. Resultant of this prior relationship the tune has a vibe that would have made this a worthy inclusion to a special edition re-release of “Born Again” or perhaps even new material to be used by the apparently on hiatus for good Heaven And Hell. This is the strongest of the tracks as the riffing is tight and sharp while the rhythm section is packing a serious solid punch. I would expect this with the rest of the players coming from Purple, Metallica, Iron Maiden and HIM. I loved the Doom laid down by Iommi as well as the very much missed Hammond sounds of Jon Lord (who retired from Purple a few years ago). It was interesting to hear just how well they all worked together and I think that most Metal heads will enjoy this tune.

“Holy Water” only features Iommi and Gillan from the first tune and rounds out the lineup with a number of different players (Steve Morris, Michael Lee Jackson, Randy Clarke, Rodney Appleby and Jesse O’Brien). The main showcase of the tune is obviously Ian Gillan and it sounds more attune to his solo work than something he would have offered up in Deep Purple but it was nice to listen to just how melodic his voice remains. Let’s give the guy some props for singing for almost fifty years and still having a quality range. Kudos to you sir. It’s a good enough song but one that is a far cry from the “pow” you get on the previous track. It’s honestly hard not to find that other one being the winner of the two. Also included on the enhanced CD is a couple of videos and the first is for the song “Out Of My Mind” which shows a lot of band footage and shenanigans and then there is a documentary about the project, the earthquake and the bands efforts. I will admit to breezing through the documentary and it was not out of lack of interest but more of my getting enough of this stuff when I turn on the world news channels. I applaud Iommi and Gillan for working together for such a cause and would be interested in seeing if this leads to any touring or additional material. Only time will tell.

Track Listing:
1. Out Of My Mind
2. Holy Water
3. Out Of My Mind (video)
4. Documentary

Official Website: http://www.iommi.com
Official Website: http://www.iangillan.com
Official Website: http://www.whocaresthefilm.com

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