Out Now: “Superman/Batman: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Special Edition” #1

Artist: Jeff Loeb/Ed McGuinness/Dexter Vines
Title: “Superman/Batman: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Special Edition” #1
Label: DC Comics
Release Date: 3/23/2016
Genre: Illustrated
Rating: 3.5/5

Arriving just in time for the Warner Brothers Pictures release “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” comes this free issue of “Superman/Batman” #1 which has been rebranded for the film as a Special Edition. Those who already possess the original issue might still want to snag this based on the change in title and to have a nice new sleek copy of it if you’re able to get a physical edition. You can get that at your local participating comic book specialty shop like I did and all the rest will have to be served by the complimentary digital download. So what is going on in this issue you might be wondering? Well let’s address that.

The storyline comes care of writer Jeff Loeb and artists Ed McGuinness (pencils) and Dexter Vines (inks) and begins with some origin overview of each of our long established Superman and Batman characters. It’s a great reminder of the light versus dark dynamic that they have and I liked the way that this recap was done. The larger story is titled “The World’s Finest” which legacy readers might recall as the popular title from years back that showcased Batman and Superman team-up adventures. In this issue the Dark Knight and the Man Of Steel duke it out with that mechanized monstrosity with the Kryptonite heart Metallo. Do they win? Well, I am not sharing that information but aside from the main action there seems to be some interesting side brewing building up that appears to be under the control of Lex Luthor himself so who knows what’s going on there. With this free download issue there is no time like the present to give this a shot. Happy reading and be sure to check out “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” in the theaters. I plan on seeing it on Tuesday of next week since I am tied up until that time.

Official Website: http://dccomics.com

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