Otherwise in Concert (8/9/2012)

I was very new to the band Otherwise and was supposed to catch them as an opener for Lacuna Coil but due to an unfortunate circumstance the day of the show this was not meant to be.  Despite this hiccup I would instead be the only member of press in attendance at a private preview of their material when the guys dropped by the EMI Music Publishing offices.   For those who might not know this little fact, all the Century Media Records and Nuclear Blast Records are distributed by EMI.  This was cool for sure but I needed to see the band live and in the electrified sense because that is what they are all about.  Lucky for me they had set up a show over at The Studio at Webster Hall and brought along Red Line Chemistry and Janus as support.  There were a couple of other bands on the bill but I was not able to enjoy them based on the timing of the night.  Studio gigs tend to start as early as 6pm, and there was no way that I could get to that.  Clicking the logo below will take you over to the full concert review and photo galleries but then do come back to the blog posting as I have some side moments and visuals that are only being presented in this space.

There was a lot of cool merchandise being presented to the fans, so let’s take a look at what they had going on shall we?

The Merch Table

 The band’s debut CD is “True Love Never Dies” and its been climbing high on the Active Rock charts.

“True Love Never Dies” CD’s

Here’s a bunch of the bands shirts and some promotional photos.  I have to tell you that I love the logo emblem.  It reminds me of something out of Marvel or DC Comics with its very super-hero type design.

Otherwise Shirts & Photos
Otherwise Shot Glasses & Guitar Picks
Various Otherwise Merchandise
An Otherwise Shot Glass & Shirt
V & Gunz of Otherwise showcase the debut CD “True Love Never Dies”

There was not a chance to get the guys in Otherwise to do this kind of shot but I did manage to get Brett from Red Line Chemistry to stand outside the venue for a cool promo.  Good guy who I enjoyed talking to and seeing in action with his band.  Check them out as well for sure.

Red Line Chemistry’s Brett outside The Studio

I had missed the opening group Metric Halo but did manage to catch up with one of their members Tom and his lovely GF just the same.  Hi guys.

Metric Halo Representing

Thanks to the always reliable Panasonic Lumix I snared two clips of Otherwise doing their thing. Pardon any movement, I was just trying to get the best position amidst the audience. I shot both “I don’t Apologize (1000 Pictures) and “Soldiers”. Interestingly enough the same two songs that I heard them do acoustically at the EMI Music Publishing Office a few months ago.

Here are a few more side images from the night for your enjoyment.

Loading In
Tour Buses

When possible I like to snare the means of musical destruction used for shows.  Here now are my findings for this one.

Otherwise Guitar Tech Stuff
Otherwise Bass Tech Stuff

All shows are important based on the fans.  Here are some fan shots.

Janus Fans
Otherwise Fan with Setlist

I realize that I have referenced my “Afternoon With Otherwise” a few times in this narrative and in the full concert article and that you are very likely curious about it by this point. You can check out that story by clicking HERE.  That was surely a fun filled afternoon and my post also has some video.

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