“Origin Of The Species” by Led Zeppelin

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Title: “Origin Of The Species”
Label: Music Video Distributors
Release Date: 8/8/2006
Genre: Rock
Rating: 3/5

Without question, modern Rock as we know it comes to us as a direct result of the influences and musical experiments of Led Zeppelin. Historically, they are one of, if not the most referenced band among the Hard Rock circles. Outside of Black Sabbath, Led Zep is the band that many of the legends of today found their original inspiration from and that which they brought to the table so many years ago. Given that premise, one would think that a historical biography DVD would be one of the most outstanding releases of the year. Sadly, this is not the case, as while it is interesting it is more like its title cites – an origin story.

The origins of Led Zeppelin are interesting just the same, and this DVD talks to some of the key players of the time. We hear from members of the Yardbirds that gave us Jimmy Page such as Chris Dreja and to compliment these segments we get some truly vintage footage. This is pretty much the course taken by the film, and we get some of the same details on the remaining membership of John Bonham, John Paul Jones and of course Robert Plant. There is a fair amount of vintage performance footage of the band but nothing that does not seem to have been released anywhere else over the years and nothing that is presented to completion. On that end, it becomes a big tease on the archived material.

As a film, this one simply ends and does not go deeper into their impact on the music scene and the overall response that they generated. That fact might leave some of the viewers with a bad taste in their mouths yet at the same time it is an enjoyable film to watch. I would have to say that this is more for the Zeppelin purist than the casual fan but I also feel that everyone would find some cool historical notes on the bands beginnings just the same.

Official Website: www.ledzeppelin.com
Official Website: www.musicvideodistributors.com

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