Organizers Of Debut “Cosmic Con” Announce Guests and More for Upcoming Event

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The Press Release:
When the weather outside is frightful and the next big comic book convention in the tristate area is 3 months away, come join us for a ‘popup con’ that’s like no other!

Produced in partnership with Big Apple Comic Con, the 3-day special experience was created for hardcore fans and young families alike. Held in a beautiful and spacious venue that’s easily accessible by car and public transport, Cosmic Con includes all the usual goodies—comics, toys, Funkos, collectibles, panels, original art, creators, celebrities—plus a whole lot more!

Cosmic Con exclusives include prints and sketchbooks created just for the event, creative ‘Workshops’ for the whole family, and a whole bunch of special programming, including a 100 years of Stan Lee (1922-2018) and of the 35th anniversary of the Alien franchise!

Compete in not one but two cosplay contests—one for kids, one for grownup kids—to win cool prizes and everlasting glory. Attend panels to learn about comic book history, tricks of the trade, and upcoming projects from some of your favorite creators and artists. Meet celebrities, take a picture together, and realize they have BO just like us. Get your comics signed and slabbed so you can never read them again—IT WILL BE FUN!

Guest artists and creators are still being finalized, but include:

Joe Rubinstein, award-winning artist, and inker best known for The Marvel Universe Handbook, the Wolverine miniseries with Frank Miller, and Infinity Gauntlet with Jim Starlin.

Jesse Simon, grandson and chronicler of the legendary Joe Simon, co-creator of Captain America, the Newsboy Legion, the original Sandman, and countless others. Stay tuned for a special, generations-spanning project announcement! (Fine, we’ll tell you; it’s ShieldMaster!)

Roy Schwartz, pop culture historian and critic for and The Forward and author of the Diagram Prize-winning book, Is Superman Circumcised? The Complete Jewish History of the World’s Greatest Hero.

Kyle Willis and Sajad Shah will be producing some gorgeous Exclusive Covers and Metal Prints for our show. Both will be available to sign these collectibles.

A CGC Facilitator is on hand to witness those signatures you want to Grade.

Snapology Workshops (Lego) will be available for Pokemon, Star Wars, and Superhero figures.

More added daily at

Don’t miss it—it’s a con you’ll remember!

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: So if you’ve been following our posts a bit more diligently, you’ll recall that we first discussed this convention about a month ago right before the holidays and at the time I was not too sure that I could attended. From the looks of it as the event approaches, I think I am going to be there and if I do go I hope to add a lot more photos of cosplayers, talk to vendors and artists for the YouTube Channel and load up that Instagram as we push forward towards out 11,000th photo on the network. Since this is happening in Flushing, Queens I am also looking forward to some eats post con since there is some good stuff over there and to see the Tangram Mall as well. What do you readers think? Will you be in attendance for this one? Please be sure to say hello if you should see me but make sure I’m not in the middle of something first. Chime in down below and I will see you next time.


cosmic con 2023, cosmic con

cosmic con 2023, cosmic con

cosmic con 2023, cosmic con

cosmic con 2023, cosmic con

cosmic con 2023, cosmic con

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