Organizers Cancel Anime NYC 2020 Amid Coronavirus Pandemic Concerns

Coming only a few short days after the cancellation of the 2021 NAMM Show AND this years New York Comic Con comes a statement from our friends at Leftfield Media regarding the status of their amazing Anime NYC convention. As expected this happening is also cancelled and a press release from its founder can be perused below.

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The Press Release:
Hello, this is Peter Tatara, Show Director of Anime NYC. Over the past few months, Anime NYC’s team has worked closely with the Javits Center and our operations and publisher partners to create a safe and healthy convention this year.

I’m deeply proud of all this planning; however, as we near summer’s end, in light of both governmental direction and general public health advisories, a face-to-face event is just not possible at this time with the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does this mean for you? For all fans, you have the option to roll your tickets over to Anime NYC 2021 or receive a refund. For all exhibitors, you have the option to roll over your booths and sponsorships or be refunded as well. In addition, all hotel rooms in our official block will be automatically refunded.

All fans and exhibitors will receive a detailed email with next steps by today’s end.

We started Anime NYC with the goal of bringing anime fans and the anime industry together in the biggest city in America, and while we’ll be unable to all gather in the Javits Center this year, our goal isn’t going away. Rather, we now look to bring fans and the industry together in new, different, and digital ways – and we’ll do this long before November.

Last month, we started the “Anime News Network Connect presented by Anime NYC” project which features ongoing online anime events together with our industry friends. We’ll have more announcements, too, around additional ways we can celebrate our fandom while physically remote.

A tremendous thank you again to the Anime NYC and Javits Center teams for all the planning you’ve done, to all the support from Crunchyroll and everyone across the anime industry, and to you – all the fans in NYC and beyond who love to come together and celebrate with our anime family.

Stay safe, wear a mask, and we’ll be back November 19-21, 2021!

Peter Tatara · Founder · Anime NYC
*** end of transmission ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: No surprise at this announcement at all and as a matter of fact when NYCC was cancelled a few days ago my colleagues and I wondered to each other when word would come about this very awesome happening needing to do the same. Many are saying that 2020 is over in terms of our doing anything, making proper progress towards a solution and being able to enjoy any of the things that we would normally do on any given day and while I initially felt that this was a little dramatic I now am 100% in agreement with them. We’ve enjoyed Anime NYC since its launch and was looking forward to this possibly being able to happen but its just not a safe time. Fans of this show should peruse our Official Instagram because there are tons of images from this event and the NYCC on that profile. Stay safe out there and mind your surroundings by following the directives of your specific region. Wear a mask if instructed to and don’t be “that person” because you’re not helping matters at all. To better times my friends. I am sorry to have started off the week with bummer news. See you next time.

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