Opening: “Kong: Skull Island” (3/10/2017)

Well my friends the BIG day is here and by BIG I mean the opening of the brand new action/adventure film by Legendary Films “Kong: Skull Island”. It doesn’t get much bigger than King Kong does it? Oh and if you said “Well, Godzilla is much bigger” this no longer seems to be the case since they are aiming at the both of them duking it out in the not too distant future. Check out the official theatrical posters

The Premise: In the 1970s, a team of explorers and soldiers are brought together to venture deep into an uncharted island in the Pacific—as beautiful as it is treacherous—unaware that they are crossing into the domain of the mythical giant gorilla known as Kong. (As well as other monsters.) (thanks Wiki).

Some Cast:
Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad
Samuel L. Jackson as Packard
Brie Larson as Weaver
John Goodman as Bill Randa
John C. Reilly
Jing Tian as San
Terry Notary as Kong

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I have had so many conversations about this film with fellow geeks that I am going to try my best to catch one of the early showings today on the opening day. It would have to be an early slot since I should mention that I absolutely HATE a crowded movie theater and that is because I always end up with someone sitting behind me that likes to talk to their friends, nearby that needs to keep looking at their Facebook or texts or a taller head directly in front of me. Ugh, it just takes away from the experience and I am sure that you feel me on some of these points. The trailers have looked pretty good and as I’ve mentioned in a number of related posts, there seems to be sufficient Kong in the film which was a problem that the most recent American “Godzilla” film faced. What do you readers think about this new opening? Will you be catching it early in the theatrical run or are you going to wait on it. Let me know in the comments below and be mindful to NOT look at the Wiki link below since it will have plenty of spoilers now that the film has opened up.

Official Film Wiki:

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