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On Shelves: “Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular”

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Late last year I helped share the news that DC Comics was going to be releasing a special edition that would celebrate Robin, The Boy Wonder. That’s the trusty sidekick for those of you who don’t dabble in too many comic book things and the full title of said release is “Robin 80th Anniversary 100 Page Spectacular” – Whew. If you missed the skinny about it just click HERE since I loaded up all of the variant cover images. The visual below is the considered Standard Edition.

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“Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Pg Super Spectacular” #1

This giant-sized edition hit the shelves of your friendly neighborhood comic book store today and I am sorry for using a phrase from the Marvel-ous competition to DC Entertainment but I was on automatic. Since the shop had all of the variant editions, I lined them up in order and shot a quick video clip for our Official YouTube Channel. I’ve done this before when they released “The Flash” #750 and our Pop Culture fans liked it so why not repeat what works out.

Closing up, I wonder what your thoughts on these kinds of special editions are. Especially if you didn’t make a comment on the original post that we did for the issue. You might have already read that there is a special edition coming for both “Green Lantern” and “The Joker” so I will likely be doing this again for sure provided the city isn’t on some kind of lock down based on the Coronavirus Pandemic that is currently plaguing us. Stay tuned for more stuff my friends and stay inside and healthy if you don’t absolutely need to go somewhere. Almost everything is closed so read some comic books or organize your collection a little bit. The busy work will help take your mind of this madness. Ciao for now.

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