“On Earth As It Is In Heaven” (remaster) by Angel

Artist: Angel
Title: “On Earth As It Is In Heaven” (remaster)
Label: Lovember Records
Release Date: 8/18/2008
Genre: Hard Rock/Glam Rock
Rating: 4/5

The third album by Angel was originally released in 1977 and at that time in my life there was very little more than KISS, Judas Priest and Van Halen being spun on my record player so based on that I missed out on bands like this every once in awhile. That being said, I was happy to find out that the bands classic release “On Earth As It Is In Heaven” was being given a remastering treatment and seeing the light of day once again courtesy of Lovember Records. Looking back on the album some thirty plus years after its first release was very interesting based on how much the material has stood up and remained quite the tasty bit of Melodic Hard Rock even when compared to such material today. The band was definitely one of those “ahead of their time” groups and gave us the greatness of keyboardist Greg Giuffria and guitarist Punky Meadows, and yet despite their musical innovation and imagery somehow never managed to achieve the levels of success that was enjoyed by their peers of the day in KISS and Styx. Clearly they had the same powerful level of Arena Rock and when you play this album you will agree with me. “OEAIIIH” was also cited as being the most musically progressive of the bands catalog and since I was never the study of what they were doing I will have to take the expert opinions on that angle. I can attest that it is a very musical and appealing album which starts off quick with “Can You Feel It” and “She’s A Mover”; both of which found me detecting many touches of The Sweet in their composition. Of course they are another band who while great often got the shaft when it came to public awareness. “White Lightning” showcases the bands ability to Funk it up a little bit and hey this made sense since the Disco years still had some time in them and many of the Rock bands of the day were experimenting with these flavors. There really is a lot of good stuff to enjoy here and some of my own favorites fell to “Telephone Machine” and “On The Rocks”…..these two numbers had a great commercial appeal and its amazing to realize how they were all but ignored by the greater industry powers and instead became one of those legendary cult level status bands. Of course over the years that history would build they have remained at this inspirational state while many bands who actually toured in more popular circles are hardly remembered by today’s music listeners. Sometimes this business is criminal when it comes to fair treatment.

Having heard a large number of remastered editions over the past few months I had to say that Lovember Records did a fine job on this one. The production which was originally done by Eddie Kramer was sound and now comes off as even better as the crystal clear audio sonics make this an album that you will enjoy playing at louder volumes. There are expanded liner notes by Dave Reynolds which cover a lot of the bands history and bring you to better understanding about their place in the hierarchy as well. The booklet also features track by track commentary from singer Frank DiMino and I personally enjoyed that for its always great to get insight from one of the players who recorded the material as opposed to an external party. If you like photos, well there are a number of them to enjoy as well and they do good in delivering a reminder of what the group was like in the visual sense on stage. This is a limited edition release but I am sure that once the larger public gets their hands on it that more will have to be made. It’s a worthy addition to anyone’s collection and will be listened to in admiration by all who manage to snare a copy. With so many of us missing the chance to enjoy this the first time around I say thanks Lovember for giving us a chance to mend the error of our ways. Angel tours from time to time in today’s music world with original members Frank Dimino and Barry Brandt along with the musical expertise of Steve Blaze, Randy Gregg, and Michael T. Ross. Greg Guiffria still performs as a solo artist after leaving House Of Lords while Punky Meadows has retired from the music business.

Track Listing:
1. Can You Feel It
2. She’s A Mover
3. Big Boy (Let’s Do It Again)
4. Telephone Exchange
5. White Lightning
6. On The Rocks
7. You’re Not Fooling Me
8. That Magic Touch
9. Cast The First Stone
10. Just A Dream

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