Official “Ronnie James Dio Hologram” Wacken Open Air “Performance”

If you are paying mind to music in general and not just all that super cool Metal stuff that we put in your face almost every day here at the Metal Command HQ, then you probably heard about the Tupac Shakur hologram that made an appearance at Coachella back in 2012. It was something else for sure but now it’s time for the Metal side of the fence to give it a shot and thanks to the talented people at Eyellusion, there is a Ronnie James Dio hologram and it performed at the Wacken Open Air festival. Check it out.

About The Clip: Eyellusion proudly presents the official video from our Ronnie James Dio hologram production at Wacken 2016. This performance features Dio Disciples breaking new ground as it debuts a new live concert experience to fans. Can’t wait for you to see what we’re working on next! Follow us @eyellusionlive and, and hit subscribe to keep up to date on where we take live music next!

PiercingMetal Thoughts:While I think this looks pretty cool I also think it’s really weird and I’m a fan of technological advancement. The hologram captures Ronnie in his middle years, and judging by the visual we see I will say in his forties. The band sure sounds like they’re in sync with the projection of the legend and I guess that is the simplest part since they know this material like the back of their hands. They aren’t called Dio Disciples for nothing after all. After I watched this clip I had to take a breather and a little more coffee because as I said this was strange. Sure they did this for the Rap artist of legend and I had to admit that while that presentation gave me the chills this Dio one did not. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t good and showed some skills at this kind of entertainment because I couldn’t do it if you needed me to that’s for sure. One has to wonder if they will be bringing this particular creation around to other music festivals or wilder still, even its own short touring effort. Wouldn’t that be weird. Scores of Metal heads lined up to watch a hologram. Do you as a fan see yourself purchasing tickets to watch a Dio hologram perform with real live musicians or do you think it is a wacky idea and something that you want no part of. I’m on the fence myself about supporting it or not since I pretty much like to support the stuff that is currently going on more so than reflecting on the historic past of someone like Ronnie in this fashion. Please let me know what you think down in the comments.

Oh yeah and before I go here is a pretty excellent video of the aforementioned Tupac hologram that AV Concepts did. Now while I am not the biggest Rap music fan and cannot name more than maybe five tracks across its history, this presentation glued me to my seat and at some points gave me the chills. It was done that well. Give it a watch and you will see.

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