“O Holy Night” (Single) by Osaka Popstar

Artist: Osaka Popstar
Title: “O Holy Night” (Single)
Label: Misfits Records
Release Date: 11/17/2014
Genre: Pop Punk/Holiday
Rating: 4/5

I really enjoyed the Pop Punk style that Osaka Popstar brought to the table with their album “Osaka Popstar and The American Legends Of Punk” so I was both amused and quite curious when I learned that they would be doing a Christmas song like “O Holy Night” which is a Holiday perennial for sure. The last time I heard from the band they had offered up a single called “Super Hero” which was a fun and fast track but how would the Pop Punk furies bring about the holiday cheer? With a tinsel laden leather jacket most likely. Let’s chat about the tune.

First and foremost there are new members to the group with Dennis Diken (Smithereens), Sal Maida (Cracker and more), and Dean Rispler (The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black) on drums, bass and guitar respectively. The three replace Only, Ramone and Cadena who have since been very busy in their own main projects but that doesn’t stop the drive of the tune at all and it was nice to hear different players working together on the Punk version of the timeless tune. The riffs are steady and what you expect in a Punk Rock tune with very steady backbeat locked in by Diken. Cafiero sounds awesome on the vocals with this one and while I like his voice anyway, with this one he was impressive. I guess I am just a softy for the holiday classics and my Punk Rock. As a big fan of the Holiday spectacle known as Trans-Siberian Orchestra I really like when bands that are not known for this kind of tune give it a whirl.

The cover showcases a Christmas themed character that we saw on the “Super Hero” single by Josh Howard. I hope they use this character more because I love the look of her. The single was included if you purchased the beautiful, and limited edition Osaka Popstar glass tree ornament but if you didn’t you could always order a digital version via Amazon.com. Check it out and then be sure to investigate some of the other music they have done. Good stuff. Easy to enjoy.

Track Listing:
1. O Holy Night

Official Website: http://www.osakapopstar.com

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