NYC’s Irving Plaza Celebrates “100 Sold-Out Shows” For 2018

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The other day the band Taking Back Sunday announced a special performance at NYC’s own Irving Plaza to help the venue reach a concert attendance milestone for the 2018 year and sell out a full “100” shows. Today we help celebrate this accomplishment by saying “well done” and please keep that stuff coming.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: “100 Sold-Out” shows is no joke nor an easy feat so kudos to everyone involved in making that happen. I’m talking about the venue promoters, the bookers and the bands and most importantly – YOU!!! That’s right YOU….The fans are the most crucial factor in making a show be a complete sell out event. Irving Plaza holds “about” 1100 people and historically speaking if I can trust my old ticket stubs and entries on, I have been here well over 100 times. From the looks of it, the only venue that I went to more than this one is the now shuttered B.B. King Blues Club (please bow your heads for a moment of silence – thank you).

From these 100 shows it looks like PiercingMetal was in attendance for five of them and they were Bullet For My Valentine, Clutch, Helloween, Kamelot and Michael Schenker Fest. Did I want to see some of the other Metal shows that are listed here? Well of course I did but one cannot always be everywhere that they like and sometimes the schedules conflict and I have to check with other peoples websites to be a part of the excitement. Now granted there isn’t a LOT of Rock and Metal on this list but there are a sufficient amount of gigs that I believe our readership rallied behind so do chime in down in the comments and let me know which of these shows across the 2018 musical year were the ones you helped to make sold-out and which were your favorites. I’m super eager to hear what you have to say and hey, if you saw some of the other gigs as well we are open minded enough about our folks enjoying more than just a single genre. Variety is indeed the spice of life. Congratulations again to Irving Plaza and Livenation on these 100 Sold-Out shows. Let’s help break that record together in 2019.

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