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Nuclear Blast Presents: Nightwish “Noise” Official Video

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It was only a few short weeks ago that we helped share the news about the upcoming Nightwish studio album, “Human :||: Nature” and if you didn’t manage to see that announcement just click HERE to be up to speed. Just a short time ago, the world got the first peek at this new music with an official video for the track “Noise”. Let’s take a look and then I will return with some thoughts on it all.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Though I prefer to speak to the video alone in these types of posts, I will quickly state that the new song is a killer. It moves along swiftly and has a number of wonderful melodic intervals that remind you why Nightwish is the special band that they are. Now about the video clip itself. As you can see it emphasizes the worlds love of the selfie and the self-improvement mindset with a stunning blonde girl posing for smiling selfie after selfie (that’s model Jessica Edstrom BTW). As the clip gets deeper into it we find the other members of the band doing the same thing. Then there is bassist Marco who seems to be in tip top shape thanks to his devouring of diet pills and vitamin tablets. We also get Troy as a king, Floor as I am guessing an older version of a little girl growing up around her and Tuomas as a bit of a tree-hugger (hidden message to love nature? Maybe). It’s much later in the clip that we get the reveal as to their real state of being amidst all this “Noise” and trust me its not that pretty. Now as far as the selfie part of the clip, I can agree that the world is ridiculous about this stuff. Sure I take a LOT of photos each and every day but almost all of them are for your entertainment and not so much about my showcasing myself in a better standing than someone else. If that’s what you are doing then please stop it because no one really cares about your endless selfies and gym workout shots or in the crazy glitzy surroundings unless you are a true Influencer or celebrity. That’s all I have to say about this and the new Nightwish album “Human :||: Nature” will arrive care of Nuclear Blast Records on 4/10. Just in time for you to listen to while you race to finish your taxes.

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    1. At the time I am answering you I still don’t know. I tried to find out but I don’t think that she is. I did find out who the blonde model was and she did a great job for sure.

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