Nuclear Blast Drops Rings Of Saturn

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The Press Release:
Nuclear Blast has a long-standing history of supporting its artists, treating them with the utmost respect and integrity. This included Lucas Mann and RINGS OF SATURN. Nuclear Blast is proud to provide this support and strives to make all its artists feel comfortable that they have a transparent, honest relationship with their label.

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Sadly, Lucas Mann on behalf of RINGS OF SATURN has brazenly threatened to issue public statements “condemning Nuclear Blast in the strongest terms possible” if the label does not give in to his baseless demands. While Nuclear Blast is truly shocked and saddened by Lucas Mann’s actions, Nuclear Blast also does not tolerate threats. Accordingly, RINGS OF SATURN have been dropped from the label.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t listened to all that much Rings Of Saturn music. I’ve been curious of course since I do see a lot of their shirts around when I am at shows. Now I also don’t know what threats the label is talking about but I cannot imagine its the wisest thing to do for a band and especially a solid label for Metal like Nuclear Blast. I’ve long mentioned how they are one of my favorites based on having so many of my preferred bands on their roster. I guess those unsigned bands out there better start prepping their EPK and grease the wheels because there is an artist slot to fill on the Nuclear Blast Record side. To be fair I will wish the members of Rings Of Saturn the best of luck going forward because snagging another label isn’t going to be all that easy after threatening your previous one. Food for thought, its always better to leave on good terms.

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