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Now Streaming: “Metal Lords” on Netflix (4/8/2022)

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It was just about a month ago when I first discussed the coming of age teen comedy “Metal Lords” and while I had said in the trailer post (found HERE) that this wasn’t usually our focus – the film is based on some youths looking to start a Metal band and I think most of the musicians in our readership can relate to it. If you’ve got some time you might want to head over to Netflix and see the film which begins streaming today. Down below I’ve once again includes the premise, casting and artwork. Have at it.

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The Premise: Two kids start a metal band in a high school where exactly two kids care about metal. They can’t find a bassist, but there is this one girl who plays the cello. They need to work together if they’re ever going to win the Battle of the Bands. (c/o YouTube)

The Cast:
Jaeden Martell as Kevin Schlieb
Isis Hainsworth as Emily Spector
Adrian Greensmith as Hunter Sylvester
Noah Urrea as Clay Moss
Joe Manganiello as Dr. Tony Nix
Brett Gelman as Dr. Sylvester
Sufe Bradshaw as Dean Swanson
Katie O’Grady as Laurie Schlieb
Michelle Mao as Lisa Randall
Analesa Fisher as Kendall Sarn
Phelan Davis as Rocky “Skip” Hoffman

PiercingMetal Thoughts: While I pointed out my interest in seeing this rather quickly, I’ve got a personal laundry list of to do on my plate for the next couple of weeks which is going to keep me from doing a lot of things. I’ll save this for one of those rainy day binge-watching nights. What about you my friends? Does this release interest you?

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