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Now On Demand: Sony Pictures Releasing “The Craft: Legacy” (10/28/2020)

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We’ve already touched upon the latest feature from the fine folks at Blumhouse Productions with their “The Craft: Legacy” feature and if you didn’t see our post about the Official Trailer just click HERE to be more up to speed on it. Since going to the movies isn’t that easy an option under the current climate, this film is now available On Demand so check your providers of such content if it interests you at all. Below you’ll find the poster, premise and casting. Sure I will also toss in some editorial mumbling at the close.

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The Premise: A group of high school students form a coven of witches. A sequel of the 1996 film, “The Craft”.

The Cast:
Cailee Spaeny as Lily
Gideon Adlon
Lovie Simone
Zoey Luna
Michelle Monaghan
David Duchovny
Nicholas Galitzine
Julian Grey
Donald MacLean Jr.
Fairuza Balk as Nancy Downs

PiercingMetal Thoughts: What do you think readers? Are you ready and willing to plunk down some dollars in order to see this film On Demand? Having not been sold on the trailer myself, I am likely taking a hard pass on this one until it ends up on the services that I already pay for. So far across this pandemic I’ve not ordered any of the concerts that were streaming or the films on their day of opening. Truth be told the only films I was eagerly awaiting this year were “Black Widow” and “Wonder Woman 1984” and since its only me here at the Media Command HQ, I am not charging my card $30 to see it on my television. Let me know your thoughts down below because I think this is going to be how we are announcing new films opening up for the next few months at least. Believe me I am not too crazy about that but that is the state of the world today. See you next time.

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