Nightwish Shares “Stargazers” Live Clip From Upcoming Video Release

You’ve likely already heard the news by now that not only is Nightwish taking a well-deserved break from touring, but that they are also releasing a massive DVD/Blu-ray live video set in the coming days. We just received some press news about it and I am sharing it with you all down below. Read on.

The Press Copy:
“We were here!” – once again, NIGHTWISH carve their name into the walls of music history and after touring for a year and a half throughout every corner of the world, their time has come to immortalize the Endless Forms Most Beautiful World Tour 2015 – 2016 on DVD. On December 16th, the symphonic metal visionaries are set to release their new live milestone Vehicle Of Spirit, featuring two full concerts and plenty of bonus material. Their sold-out Wembley show in front of 12.000 fans was not the only milestone on this almost 2-year-long tour – in Tampere, Finland, the band entered yet undiscovered grounds. The Show in Ratina Stadion was a home crowd specialty (for 4/6th of the band) with the biggest stage production they’ve ever had! To share this lovely and nostalgic atmosphere with you all, the band releases their live clip of the song “Stargazers”, which was performed live in Tampere, today. Enjoy the amazing magic of this performance and watch it

PiercingMetal Thoughts: This video and song in particular made me smile as it brought back a recollection. You see, way, way, wayyyyy back before we had this little ole website, I was opening up my mind to new and exciting sounds from afar and thanks to a friend had decided to investigate this band that she had heard and wanted me to know about as well. The band was Nightwish from Finland and before this time I hadn’t really aimed my musical listening on anything from the area. I knew that this wasn’t the type of thing that she herself listened to but I was glad that she decided to mention it to me since I have been a fan ever since. That first song was “Stargazers” so seeing it here in the live sense on the new video made that memory come flooding back to me. I cannot wait to own a copy of this on Blu-ray and once we have it you can count on a full review here on the website.

Official Website:

Get out those credit cards and order a copy care of the link right below. You don’t want to miss out on owning this one that’s for sure.

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