Nightwish Presents: “Ghost Love Score” Performance From “End Of An Era” Re-Release

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The band Nightwish (care of their label of the last few years) have announced the re-issue of their “End Of An Era” live concert performance album and video. If you missed that report you should click HERE to see what its all about before continuing. Recently, the band introduced us to their performance of “Ghost Love Score” from this re-issue. Enjoy this all too stunning number.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Given my vintage, I was fortunate enough to catch Nightwish during “The Tarja Era” for two tours. The first was at the long shuttered L’Amour for the “Century Child” tour while the second time would be for the “Once” album at the now also shuttered B.B. King Blues Club. This was a magical time in the band’s history but with the only constant being change the outcome was something that was meant to be. Today, Nightwish is bigger than anyone would have thought possible (outside of their members, management and label of course) and they continue to thrill audiences around the world night after night with an expanded lineup and fantastic material. Having reviewed the original “End Of An Era” release on CD and DVD way back in 2007, I can honestly say that this is a MUST HAVE re-issue for any fans that don’t already own a copy. Through this film, you can leaf backwards in the book of time to an era that is still very fondly remembered. To see our original reviews of the items that make up this new version just click HERE for the CD and HERE for the DVD. Should any additional clips be unveiled I will be sure to share them with you.

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