Nightwish Presents: “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” Part 13

The hits keep on a coming with the Nightwish clips of their behind the scenes look at “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” and in episode “13” (a lucky number for any Metal musician), we watch cool footage of the amazing Floor Jansen and drummer on call Kai Hahto. Let’s look.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: While I know I will miss seeing Jukka behind the kit on the forthcoming tour, I know that I will be watching the job get done by truly capable hands. I can say this with a level of certainty since because I’ve seen Kai drumming for bands like Swallow The Sun and Wintersun. His talents will fit right in for Nightwish for sure. That’s all I have on this one so don’t forget to click on THIS LINK if you are missing out on a few of the previous clips. Considering that there are now thirteen of them this is highly likely LOL. Ciao for now as they say in the movies.

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