Nightwish Announces “An Evening With Nightwish” Streaming Event For March

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Finland’s own Symphonic wonder Nightwish have just announced a pair of special livestream events for next March. As you know these kinds of things aren’t new news anymore but we are finding bigger and bigger bands making this jump because touring just isn’t possible right now. We recently learned that KISS was going to do one (discussed HERE) and also the magnificent Trans-Siberian Orchestra as well (discussed HERE and happening tomorrow evening). Now let’s examine the bands announcement from their social networking.

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The Press Release:
AN EVENING WITH NIGHTWISH IN A VIRTUAL WORLD!!! Friday and Saturday, March 12-13th, 2021 we will perform at The Islanders Arms, a tavern built in virtual reality. You will get to hear songs from ”Human. :II: Nature.” live for the first time. This will be a full-length live experience with differing sets on both nights.

You can join the show on your computers or mobile devices and watch the stream. You can also create an avatar and interact & react with gestures, cheers, emojis, and chat with other fans. You can even dress up your avatar with Nightwish merchandise!

Tickets are available right now at! On top of this, we offer an exclusive T-shirt bundle which is available for Europe only.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This is some exciting news for sure and as I’ve said before in similar posts, not the kind of news that actually surprises me anymore. As I write this, my own region has been slammed by a blizzard and the viral outbreak seems to be on the rise. Businesses are closed at every turn and the streets are a mess of refuse that includes masks and gloves. Tours and conventions that were set for the earlier months of 2021 have already been sidelined with more very likely to follow. Some of us feel it will not be until 2022 until we are able to safely gather again in the same kind of fashion we did in 2019 and the opening months of 2020. I’d love to be wrong about this for sure so as I close up this rather soapboxing editorial rambling part of the announcement, I wonder what you readers think about the news. Does it excite you all the more? Chime in down below and maybe even add a few Nightwish songs that you hope they include in one of the two livestreams. I cannot wait to see this band in real life once again and to scream at the top of my lungs alongside the rest of you but we can’t do that right now. Stay safe out there. Please.

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