New York Comic Con Issues Health and Safety Update For 2022 Event

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The organizing powers that be for the famed New York Comic Con have issued a Health & Safety update regarding this year’s event. While you aren’t required to show proof of vaccination like you did in 2021, you WILL need to wear a protective face covering. Check out the full statement regarding the news down below.

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The Press Release:
Our team has come to a decision regarding our Health & Safety policy for this year. We will be requiring approved face coverings for New York Comic Con 2022 throughout all areas of the show, and we are strongly recommending the use of high-quality masks, such as a certified N95, KN95 or KN94 mask.

This decision isn’t one we take lightly or without much discussion about the best course of action. At the end of the day, New York Comic Con is the largest pop culture convention in the United States. More fans, creators, and folks from across the industry come through our doors over the course of four days than most concerts, sporting events, and festivals. We feel this is the best way to ensure all of you have a safe and healthy time geeking out with us over the best 4-day weekend of the year.

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You can find more information on our guidance for acceptable face coverings at Face coverings will be available onsite, but we recommend you bring your own.

The most common question related to any face covering requirement centers are around the use of helmets and cosplay masks. We request that you arrive without your helmet on and remove any cosplay masks (sorry, superheroes) so that we can verify you’re wearing an approved face covering. You may wear your helmet/mask after entering, and if you choose to do so must have an approved face covering on as well. It can get hot under those helmets and cosplay masks, so take breaks periodically to give yourself a change to recharge. We’ve seen a lot of fans get super creative with masking and cosplay, but if you have more questions please reach out to our team at [email protected]

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For those of you concerned about your celebrity Photo Ops, you will be permitted to remove your face covering while your photo is being taken. We are not using plexiglass unless requested by our talent. However, approved face coverings must be worn in line and placed back on once you have exited the Photo Op area. We have increased cleaning and air filtration in these spaces specifically to maintain a safe environment for your Photo Ops.

Thank you for continuing to support us. We’re all in this together as we continue to keep our events and the larger comic con community safe, and we appreciate your continued trust in ReedPop to bring you and incredible event every October.

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Please be advised these policies are subject to change and every participant, including fans, exhibitors, guests and staff must comply with the health & safety requirements in place at the time of NYCC. Please check this page often for the most up-to-date information.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Hopefully all of you didn’t get rid of your face coverings after the news broke from the MTA which announced that you no longer needed to wear a mask on the subways, buses and assorted station platforms. Despite that announcement I am going to wear a mask when I go to the Scorpions concert later on tonight and depending on my overall vibe at the show, I might even wear it during the show. Sure, the COVID-19 issue is not as grievous as it was but it isn’t over and as someone who recently worked in the COVID Safety world I have masks a plenty in case I need them. I’ll be doing my regular exploring at the upcoming NYCC and I look forward to seeing everyone who I know and meeting lots of new friends. Wrapping this news up I wonder what you readers think about it. Did you go last year when this was a requirement as well? If this will be your first return to the convention be aware that they had numerous staff walking around making sure you had a mask on. If you didn’t comply they would ask you nicely but if you didn’t it was a call to security and then you were leaving. That’s all I’ve got on this one but if more updates surface I will for sure cobble something together.


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