New York City’s Famed The Pyramid Club Announces Closure

the pyramid club

The Press Release:
It is with the most sad and heavy heart that we must announce to our local and worldwide community and family that The Pyramid Club NYC will not reopen. We are another sad consequence of Covid-19. Our #1 priority has always been to provide a safe environment for everyone to be who they truly are. The moment we found out Covid-19 had reached NYC, we decided to close temporarily in order to keep our staff and patrons safe, and in doing so, we became the very first NYC business to close, even before NYS/NYC required businesses to do so. The very last night we opened our doors was March 7, 2020.

We’ve patiently waited for over a year, and we never thought that we’d permanently close. Our hearts go to YOU, our community, who’ve kept us going over these past 41 years, as well as other nightclubs, live music venues, and theaters, businesses that, like us, have suffered the most from this “Pause” and are facing our very same predicament. On behalf of Pyramid’s former management teams, staff, and former DJs/promoters, along with our current staff, and our DJs/Promoters: DJ Rob Xtian, Defcon NYC International, No Return Post Punk Society, Occulture, and Friday I’m In Love, we want to remind you that The Pyramid Club is just a building, we are the Pyramid Spirit, it lives inside all of us, inside of YOU, and it will live on! We encourage everyone to follow us on FB, IG, and Twitch.

We will soon announce our new permanent home for our Promoter’s events, as well as DJ TM.8’s events. We will continue to take you Back to the 80s! The Pyramid Spirit Lives On!! We’ve done all we can, it’s time to turn the page and carry on. We hope we can continue to count on your love, friendship and support.

Eternally yours,
Quirino Perez (DJ TM.8) & Maria Narciso

*** end of statement ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Though I was never one of the many customers of The Pyramid Club of NYC, I mourn its loss as an event space since it meant so much to so many of my friends. Truly the NYC scene has changed greatly over the last few years with closure’s of B.B. King’s, Highline Ballroom, Playstation Theater, Santo’s Party House and Brooklyn Bazaar and these were all pre-demic. So many bars, restaurants and smaller event spaces have closed due to this scourge and its sad to add The Pyramid Club to the mix of them. As more news comes from their promoters we shall keep a line open to the most topical items for our readership and as we close this announcement up we wonder what you all think about the news. Chime in down below in the comments section and we shall see you next time around. As always, stay safe out there.

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