New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2014: Chapter 8

Queue dramatic lead in music and grab those tissues to wipe away the tears dear readers because we have reached the final installment of our “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2014” and what a fun ride it has been. Now without any further adieu please enjoy this last batch of submitted resolutions.

1. Patrick Sheridan (Fit For An Autopsy): my new years music resolution for 2014 is to keep not giving a fuck what people think or what they tell us about what we should do, and keep doing exactly what we want. thanks to all our friends and fans for their support, and thanks to our label for letting us be who the fuck we are!!!! 2014, we crush!!!

2. Ira Black (Attika 7/former Lizzy Borden): 2014 is the year to get my name on the map! The first one is slated to go and I will have a major press release soon, guaranteed to be the biggest music project, to date, in my career, which I’m very excited about! This year is also the year for me to finish or discard any projects that I have waiting in the wings to be finished! The Ira Black solo record will be included in “Projects to be finished”…. My brothers from Attika 7 and I will be delivering a knockout album this year and doing a ton of touring for a good part of the spring/summer touring season. We have an incredible plan in place and look forward to executing it! I will also be writing a lot of music, new material for myself and other projects, per current negotiations for future collaborations TBA soon! I would also like to thank all the awesome people I’m surrounded by and will strive harder to show my gratitude and will be more patient and Loving to those who matter most to me, which is everyone! Peace.

3. The Muff (Solo Artist/former Naked): After scrapping a double album of original rock material from the last two years, I’m finally coming out with my debut single this coming spring. Boom.

4. Ricky Byrd (The Blackhearts/Solo Artist): Keep pushing my CD Lifer which is an honest RnR record…I start the year with airplay on Little Steven’s Underground Garage and the first Coolest Song in The World for 2014.

5. Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot): My New Year’s Music Resolution for 2014 is simply….. Ohm.

6. Bassil Silver (Powerglove): My New Years music resolution is to get better at classical guitar. I’ve always liked listening to and playing all sorts of classical guitar music, and I love the sound and feeling of fingerpicking on nylon strings. I recently started learning Benighted by Opeth (one of my all time favorite songs), and I’d love to learn a handful of Bach pieces.

7. Jenny Electrik (Dynasty Electric): My New Years Music Resolution for 2014 is….spreading good vibrations always 🙂

8. Olof Morck (Amaranthe): My New Year’s Music Resolution is to practise even more guitar – fast is better and more is more 😉 Also, to write the best possible music for an upcoming secret 2014 project! See you all on the road this year at the INVINCIBLE 2014 tour!

9. Harper’s Fellow: Our new years resolution for 2014 is to make it out and back from SXSW, get our next album out, and do some more touring to support.

10. Alina Lesnik (Once): My New Year’s Music Resolution for 2014 is to have some epic ideas for the upcoming first album of ONCE ! We already started to plan the concept and to write the first orchestrations and lyrics. Moreover we plan our first concerts and hope that they will be an unique experience for us and our fans! lml Thanks for your interest in our Band!

So there you have it, I hope you have enjoyed it all. Thanks to all of our fantastic contributors to this years feature. As always I have greatly enjoyed bringing this kind of thing to your attention. Maybe we will do it again next year or perhaps come up with something a little different. Don’t forget to help support these fine artists by clicking their weblinks and do stay tuned for our regular blog presentations right here and objective reviews on the core site.

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