New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2014: Chapter 7

Well hello again dear readers and welcome to our “lucky seven” chapter of the New Year’s Music Resolutions; I’m glad that you are still with us and I should let you know that we appear to be at the penultimate chapter of this years feature. Now before I get too wordy let’s get this party started.

1. Mark Jansen (Epica/Mayan): My New Years Music Resolution for 2014 is releasing at least two albums, one with MaYaN and one with Epica and perhaps one for Laura Marci’s solo project. I hope that we can play many live shows with Epica and if there’s some time left I’d love to do some with MaYaN as well Besides that I hope that there will be many other good releases from other bands coming out in 2014!!!

2. Syka: Is to write the most emotional hardcore music of my career and branch out touring to different parts of the US!

3. Ross “The Boss” Friedman (Death Dealer/RTB Band/former Manowar): Mine is to make an even greater follow up to “Warmaster” . We are hard at work as I’m writing this. To bring Deathdealer to the metal masses on tour . In March I do shows in Eastern Europe with The Metal All Stars . The Dictators NYC are workng on new music and euro dates in July and Oct. The RTB Band will be re activated eventually and as for yours truly back in Manowar ? Well that’s totally not my call !! Hail !!

4. Camille & Kennerly Kitt (The Harp Twins): Our New Years Music Resolution for 2014 Is: to go where no Harps have gone before – musically and literally with our Radical Duet Harp Revolution. m/ m/ Thank you for your support of our music and us!

5. Eddie Solis (It’s Casual): Create, produce and record music that elevates people to a mindset to be the best they can be (through my recordings and live shows). To record the best live album ever in 2014. Release an it’s casual IPA and a Salsa. Branching out

6. Pamela Moore: To keep doing what I love to do. Always stay to true myself. To never forget to be grateful for what I have as opposed to being disappointed with what I don’t have. To always show my appreciation for even the little things… and always remember to BREATHE.” HAPPY NEW YEAR!

7. TJ (The Nearly Deads): My New Years Music Resolution for The Nearly Deads is tour, tour, tour and get that full length album out!

8. Akelksi Munter (Swallow The Sun): My New Year’s Music Resolution for 2014 is to concentrate on actually composing my own music, which I have neglected for a while; and to celebrate the upcoming Insomnium album that I just finished recording!”

That’s all for now my friends but I will see you tomorrow for our next chapter – our final installment for this years series.

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