New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2014: Chapter 6

Welcome back. I apologize for the brief pause in the series but I did want to get the “Music Milestone” posting about “Defenders Of The Faith” live before too many days had passed and then we had some other things that were time sensitive in my Metal Presentation. So now we are back and hitting you with the sixth installment, I hope you enjoy it.

1. Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger/Trans-Siberian Orchestra): For 2014, my New Years resolution is to cherish every moment onstage with Night Ranger, Rock of Ages and Trans-Siberian Orchestra and also give my all to a couple of fun recording side-projects I have going. It’s gonna be a GREAT year!

2. Kobra Paige (Kobra and The Lotus): Another new year is a wicked thing because not only does it mean more rip-roaring heavy metal memories, it means new music. This year is going to bring another musical evolution for Kobra and the Lotus and we can’t wait to share it! To all of our amazing supporters and new friends to come, we can’t wait to see you all out there. HORNZM/M

3. Oliver Palotai (Kamelot): So, my resolution for 2014 is to make it through the big pile of music productions waiting for me after the holidays while changing diapers of my newborn son at the same time!

4. Vas Kallas (Hanzl und Gretyl): Vas Kallas (Hanzel und Gretyl) My New Year’s Resolution for 2014: Finish and release the next Hanzel und Gretyl CD, get booked on Metal Festivals in Europe, dare to start a new music side project…. travel, travel, tour and more travel! and to finally STOP breaking my Bass strings on stage!! m/!! Cheerz und Prost!

5. Kevin Quirion (Deicide/Order Of Ennead): My Resolution is to write more music and put out a couple of EP’s with friends I’ve met over the years. Make 2014 productive.

6. Madame Mayhem (solo artist): My New Years music resolution for 2014 is to spread mayhem throughout the land m/

7. Tanya Candler (The Alcoholly’s): The Alcoholly’s New Years Resolution is to play more shows, get over to the U.S. to do some dates, and to get back into the studio with Siegfried Meier. We’d like to put a full length sometime in 2014. There is so much to come in the next year from The Alcohollys. Many surprises await you!!!

8. Amanda Somerville: 2014 holds big promise with TONS of things planned for me: touring with Alice Cooper & more (w/ Rock Meets Classic), a new HDK album, a new Kiske Somerville album, some more guest appearances with various other bands… Sometimes it’s hard to find time to focus on my own solo songs, so that’s something I resolve to keep on track! Also, I’d like to listen to more new music, which is something I rarely did in 2013 and while watching the Grammys, I was like, “Who the heck is that?” — Have a great slide into the new year!

This was a great one, and while I have said that a few times over the years and in this go round of the series before, there was some real meat or oomph to this particular one. For me one of the treats especially is getting newer bands in the mix along with ones you already know and think you know. I’ll be continuing along tomorrow with another chapter and until that time how about you check out some of these fine artists official websites and Facebook Pages.

Official Websites:
Amanda Somerville:
Night Ranger:
Kobra & The Lotus:
Hanzl und Gretyl:
Order Of Ennead:
Madame Mayhem:
The Alcoholly’s:
Oliver Palotai:

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