New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2014: Chapter 5

Gimme Five!!!! Remember when that was a common exchange between friends? No? I guess you younger readers would not recognize it since everything appears to be a “pound” these days. Anyway, before I get too off course here, please allow me to welcome you to PiercingMetal’s “New Year’s Music Resolutions” for 2014; This is Chapter 5 an it’s waiting for your perusal. Please read on.

1. Carmine Appice: Haven’t really thought about it . Much more in goals ! Mine are to get my label Rocker Records going to get out cool product . To make my Historical Rod tribute show a success along with Legacy X my new group with Joe Lynn Turner Tony franklin and Jeff Watson a success . And bring back Analog!!!

2. Amanda Kiernan (Order Of Chaos/Into Eternity): My music resolution .. Well .. 2014 ! I want to release Into Eternity album and The Order of Chaos album! I want these songs to change lives and create positive inspiration in every listener. I want to travel the whole world and meet as many ppl as I can! Learn and grow mentally physically and musically I want to spread my love and happiness through out the whole world through my song and my presence .. If I were to get a bit greedy .. My resolution every year is to become a Rockstar! Cover of the Rolling Stone magazine

3. Veronica Freeman (Benedictum): To regain and maintain that passion and desire I have for performing and not let myself get sidetracked by doubt and frustration. To be the best V I can be! And whoop some ass in 2014.

4. Kim Benzie (Dead Letter Circus): To write album number 3 in one year

5. CLOSE YOUR EYES: My resolution can be summed up with 2 words. Hard work. I want to be out pushing and supporting the band as much as possible mostly through touring, but also just networking, interviews and social networks (which I try my hardest to keep up with and keep in contact with fans. And also writing a whole bunch. We want to get back into the studio soon and crank out another album. And last but not least just lots of hard work practicing and being a better musician and writing the best songs I can!

6. Justin Tranter (Semi-Precious Weapons): To spend the whole year touring, write another album, drink more, and have Sharon Stone star in one of our videos.

7. Henrik: Eat The Gun: To be honest, I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions. If everyone stays well and fit and we are able to keep on playing and writing music like we did in 2013 I’d be very grateful. We had a great year 2013 and are very much looking forward to touring Europe in 2014. Happy New Year!

8. Ray West (Spread Eagle, All Points West): My Music Resolution is to finish my vocal book and start teaching my students how to Rock!

I sure don’t want to play favorites but there are quite a few things that I am going to be watching for from this batch of resolutions because they all sound so interesting. That’s all we have for now but not to worry, I shall return tomorrow, same Bat Time, Same Bat Website with the penultimate installment of our Music Resolutions for 2014. See you then.

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