New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2014: Chapter 4

Now we are cooking with gas. Yesteray’s chapter was a lot of fun but don’t worry readers I am not done with the presentation yet so welcome to our “Music Resolutions for 2014” Chapter 4. If you are just joining us now, be sure to click the appropriate tag so you can enjoy the other parts of the series. Now let’s get down to business.

1. Michael DesBarres: My musical plans are pretty make a lot of music..I feel unfettered by genre..Liberated from category.I want and will play whatever feels right in that moment…I’ve been experimenting with acoustic music in a more vulnerable way and also balls to the wall,cocksure rock and roll. Electronica fascinates me too.The choices of how you use the technology is what’s important. If you go to my website (linked below) you will see the disparate sides of my output.Specifically I am putting out a “Glam Folk” EP..yes, Glam Folk!! called “Solutionism”…acoustic sex music or all ages!..I will return to Japan with Silverhead in june and write a new song for a best of collection coming out in March.I have written a musical based on the imagination of the Marquis de Sade which I will release when it feels right.. I wish all your readers a happy and free year. Free to experiment, free to express the truth. Free.

2. Heidi Parvianen (Dark Sarah): My New Years MUSIC Resolution for 2014 Is that I will do everything to complete the DARK SARAH debut album called “Behind The Black Veil” by several Indie GoGo campaigns, I will add really cool guests on the album, we will do some cool metal riffs on the album, I will try to reach more people and convince you with this new musical style ;), I will try to arrange the first Dark Sarah concert EVER! AND I will complete my studies at the conservatory, I will do my first opera performance in a student opera and do several classical concerts too! But above all the details I know this year will kick ass!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

3. Tim Rykoski (Mile Marker Zero): “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?” “The same thing we do every night, Pinky – try to take over the world!” It’s the time of year again. Everyone has high hopes for the new year, saying they’ll try something new, be a better person, or shed some pounds. For us in Mile Marker Zero? We’re gonna shed some riffs, LIVE and LOUD. We’ve been secretly kicking ass in a basement for a while now, writing new material and conjuring our own way of “taking over the world,” which really just means we want to bring those new tunes to your ears. Gigs are lining up in New York, PA, and CT for the first months of the year, and unlike that gym membership we’ll all rage with for two months and then forget about, we’re gonna keep going throughout the year…(not to the gym, stay with me here) but out there at the clubs, venues, and festivals. We’ve stepped up our game as songwriters and pumped out some killer MMZ tracks that we’ll be laying down so you can rock them in your car and on that slick new phone or computer you just got from Santa. So be on the lookout and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you on the road. For now, check out some clips and vids on our sites like Google+, YouTube, and Facebook, and let us know what you wanna hear when we get live and loud.

4. Adam Cody (Wretched): I’ve been growing as a vocalist; my resolution is to continue progressing in the same manner. Currently Wretched & my grind band Columns have kept me aggressive; but I’ve been singing with a stoner rock band. & that has opened up whole new avenue of music.

5. Mist: “Our wishes for 2014 are to play live as much as possible and hopefully go on our first European tour. We are planning to release a split with a great doom metal band in the first quarter of the year and work on new material at the same time.”

6. Jimmy Kunes (Cactus/Flood The Engine): Not too big on resolutions, Kenneth. Now, REVOLUTIONS. That`s more like it…..Best, J

7. J9 and Frankie Figz (J and The 9s): Our resolution is for our music to catch like wildfire and spread so far, we can play down the street or as far as Fiji and our music is recognized and to find and obtain the world’s glitter reserve!.

8. Doris Yeh (Chthonic): It’s been a very busy year for me last year, for the resolution in 2014, I wish I can have a balanced life in both work and personal life. I used to wish to have more tours, but now I want to make more efficient tours in the future. 😉

You might be saying to yourself that some of these names are really new to your musical mind and that my friends is a very good thing. Enjoying music is all about discovery and one of the main angles I have with this series is to give you a whole lot to discover. Get thee to digging because you will have another chapter tomorrow. See you then.

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