New Year’s Music Resolutions For 2013: The End…

Well my Metal legions we have finally reached the last chapter of our “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013” and holy mackeral this was a doozy when compared to last year’s series. The last few resolution quotes that we have are below, but first I want to thank everyone who participated in the series and those media resources that reached out to their talent pool to get us some really awesome stuff. You all made a very fun project all the more exciting. Now let’s get to the final resolutions and onto our new year’s blogging and reporting.

1. Noah Martin (Arsis): This year, I firstly hope to finally refinish my ESP with transparent neon green. My practice regiment will include, but not be limited to, an additional two hours, devoted wholly to slide vibrato and hair windmills. Arsis will make “Unwelcome” a critically-acclaimed and successful album through proper touring and positive reception from the press. Happy New Year’s!

2. Chris Catero (Razer): My New Year’s Music Resolution is to become something more than a caveman on my home ProTools rig!

3. Fred LeClercq (Dragonforce): “New Year’s Music Resolution is workin on my different projects as well as writing songs for a new Dragonforce album. The only challenge is to know which riff suits what band. But still its fun. That. And also try to drink less while on tour thats another challenge, haha”

4. Courtney Cox (Iron Maidens/Femme Fatale): 2013 already?jeez um my New Year’s Music Resolution for ’13 is to just destroy and conquer! This is definitely the year to take everything to the next level! Have a few projects in the works that i hope to get out there soon and i hope to continue touring the world with the Maidens and now Femme Fatale. oh and most importantly i hope to make it to 2014! haha CHEERS!

5. Victor Griffin (Pentagram, Retrograve, In-Graved): My resolution…”To reach out further with my music to the lost and hurting people of the world in an honest, non-compromising, and compassionate way.”

6. Dan Lamagna (Sworn Enemy/Suicide city/Session artist) : My musical resolution is to push out and play with more new people then last year. This past year I had the chance to play with some groove oriented bands and some technical metal bands, they all changed the way I play & write. The next 12 months will hopefully hand me some more knowledge & experience.

7. Steve Grimmett (Grim Reaper): We don’t have any band New Year’s Resolutions… but we are writing a new album & hoping to play as many countries around the world as possible. We would love to come back to America one day, as its been over 30 years since Steve and Grim Reaper where last there, but sadly this takes money. Perhaps our resolution should be to find a label with lots of money so we can all give up our day jobs and write music and tour the world for a living!!!

8. Archaon (1349): My New Year’s MUSIC Resolution for 2013 is to have our next album ready to record- preferably even having started that process. As challenging as it will be, it’s going to be a massive force, an audio- bomb of dimensions!

9. Veronica Freeman (Benedictum): Well since I was asked to do this back on the 11th of December… I think it would be rather obvious that The V needs to resolve to follow up on things and not procrastinate … get to it.. and get to it now!!! Forge on 2013!

10.  Jill Janus (Huntress): “My music resolution for 2013 is simple: keep it fast, built to last and true to the roots of Heavy Metal.  No filler,  no frills.  Huntress will release our second album in 2013.”

11. Lorraine Lewis (Femme Fatale): Yes 2013!! So excited to see this year come in – 13 is one of my lucky numbers…I am stoked to be rockin’ the stage again & looking forward to more shows worldwide!! Love my new Femmes! Also hoping that Ex Wives of Rock keeps getting renewed so we can keep watching, rockin’ and rollin’ with these fabulous women!! As far as resolutions??? I resolve to celebrate even the smallest things with a good bottle of champagne! Bring it…!! xo

12. Craig Locicero (SpiralArms): “If the human race survives 2012, I’ll kiss 2013 on the lips.” –

13. Michael Del Pizzo (Sunflower Dead): “My New Year’s resolution is two-fold, 1: Stop using FB so damn much… I do believe it is the new devil. 2: I am going to start on my Eating Tour of the world where I get to enjoy all the delicacies of each place we hit on tour in 2013! Boom –

14. Mike “The Big Cheese” Catricola (Heavy Metal Mayhem Show): My Resolution for 2013 is to dig deeper into the Classic Metal pool of the 80’s and turn a whole new generation on to the music that helped build a scene and the lifestyle that defined our youth. For every Metallica there were a dozen underground bands plugging away without the same recognition. Tune in this year to see who they all are.

15. Ken Pierce ( My New Year’s Music Resolution” is actually more of a Metal one since I am not currently an active player and instead am just a diehard scribe/photographer upon the Metal Realm. In 2013 I resolve to push the now trademarked PiercingMetal brand harder than I usually do and by that I mean to get my work online faster than I allow it if at all possible. Sometimes I overthink my work and it takes while, so I will do less of that. I vow to keep supporting the shows via our Calendar, or Contests and of course in the live sense as much as possible and while I already do a lot of blogs on that part of the site, I want to pump out the traditional reviews as much as possible this year as well. There is always a lot to do in this kind of pursuit and I am never content with taking the easy way out to bring you solid and objective Metal reporting. Stay tuned.

Before I go I want to revisit a few of the resolutions that were submitted. Perhaps you remember Tim Roth of Into Eternity offering up how “he wants to spend more time on PiercingMetal” and how Sam Roon of Hung pretty much put out a call to arms for the Metal heads of numerous regions and I want to add in these thoughts to those ideas. We love the attention readers give to the PiercingMetal domain and if you like it, please do spend time on it whenever you feel like it but also do the same with the other quality websites that really go the distance to rally the troops or push the bar higher and higher. Leave the crap ones to falter under their own lack of grit. Remember that your traffic to any website helps it reach more people and your comments into them helps the writers know their audience even more. Mr. Roon says “be a part of it” and he is right. Support the scene whenever you can, listen to the new bands and leaf through the magazines as well to pay mind to the ads to see who else is out there. Being a Metal fan is not about following the safe route. Don’t expect to impress me or others of like mind by listening to your old Sabbath and Maiden records and bragging about it. We all love that stuff, its in our fiber of Metal being but discover the rest. That being said now it’s YOUR TURN. Yes, you read that correctly for I am now opening up the floor to your all. Tell me readers, whether you be a conventional fan or a member of the media in some sense or even a musician who has a band of their own and wants to extol what they are all about to the world in terms of their plans for this now on the move year; What is Your New Year’s Metal Resolution for 2013? How will you help to keep the Metal music, ethos and scene more vital than ever before? I look forward to hearing what you all bring to the table. Thanks for reading the series.

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9 thoughts on “New Year’s Music Resolutions For 2013: The End…”

  1. I resolve to keep going to shows and enjoying being part of the metal community, but I also want to connect more bands together and get them to play shows and even collaborate on new music (side projects, guest appearances, whatever).

  2. First of all let me say how much I’ve enjoyed this series of posts and I’ve gotten a glimpse into what some of my favorite bands/musicians have in the works for 2013. For me personally, i hope to continue promoting the British Steel Festival ( . I also am going to try to attend more local shows this year because of we the fans, don’t support the scene, it will die out!!

  3. Excellent piece! I resolve to continue being the real passionate rock fan that I am. Rock n roll fans need to continue to support the music. We are living in a world of digital downloads. Few continue to purchase albums and appreciate and understand the blood, sweat, and tears bands put into making an album of songs. We need a revolution and it needs to start soon. Support rock n roll! Check out the bands when they tour and yes check out the opening bands too! Happy new year m/

  4. Well said Ken! I completely agree with you that the music community must get out of their comfort zone and listen to something new and refreshing. The first step towards this is to revive the local shows by getting out and supporting the bands. Don’t just stick to what you know.. open your mind!

  5. As a constant concertgoer, my new year’s metal resolution is to attend more local shows. I constantly caught myself not going to a local show, because I knew very little about the bands playing, heard bad reviews, or just didn’t know them at all. I want to change that, and actually go see for myself, and not get carried away by what others say. Besides, we all have different opinions at the end of the day. In 2012, I went to a total of 121 shows, (some free, thanks to…..THANKS KEN!) and this year I want to increase this number. By attending more local shows, this would definitely be possible.


  6. As a music publicist, my goal is to shed the light of great new music, and take advantage of the positives of this industry changing. Though things have become a lot more competitive, the playing field is also slowly becoming more level. Time to make a difference for great bands!

  7. My goal is to get Savaria Studios back in business after Sandy. The process already started so Heavy Metal Drummer can start kicking ass in the studio very soon. Additionally I’ll have new music produced. Keep your EARs open.
    I wish all the best to my fellow metal brothers and sisters!

  8. Great article, Ken! As far as resolutions go, my goal is to support even more bands through Front Paige Metal News. There are so many talented up and coming bands, and I want 2013 to be their year! Hopefully I can help them do that.

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