New Year’s Music Resolutions For 2013: Part 5

“Gimme Five” readers, or better yet, how aboutI give you five. Yep, here we are at the Fifth Chapter of my collected “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013” from some musical greats. I’ve really enjoyed hearing what all of these artists have on their minds so far for the coming year and wait with anticipation for each new segment. Yeah I know I compiled the series, but I am reading it just as you would once its all loaded up so it keeps me thrilled. Here we go.

1. Sima (Solo Artist): My New Year’s Music Resolution for 2013 is to keep expressing my heart as a woman, an artist and stay true to myself. By doing this I will create new, rocking music, continue to explore my talent and look for new ways to get inspired and be creative. I truly want to reach out, touch, uplift and inspire individuals. I want to be a part of giving, receiving, and sharing love with people all over the world. I will challenge my abilities, myself as a human being and as an artist. I promise to grow, evolve, shine like a star from inside and out.

2. Angelina Del Carmen (Charetta): My band wrote mine for me ‘I will finally figure out how to use my vocal effects processor once and for all, so that I don’t further annoy my band by scrolling through the various settings repeatedly during rehearsal” – Angelina’s…. band’ But my biggest resolution for 2013 is to write, record, promote, and work fearlessly on our new book, album and clothing line.

3. Rachel Aspe (Solo Artist): My Metal Resolution for 2013 is to invade the whole world by winning “America’s Got Talent”, “X Factor”, “American Idol” and “The Voice” contests. Or maybe I’ll find a great band…

4. Pete Bremy (Cactus/Vanilla Fudge): My Music Resolution for 2013 is simply to refocus on why I play music, because I deeply love it, and to learn to grow thicker skin so not to ever let the music “business” garbage affect my deep love of music, my attitude or the quality of my performance. This is so important to me because I believe it has mostly been my attitude towards music and towards my fellow musicians more than my actual skill that has made me successful.”

5. Doris Yeh (Chthonic): OK, my New Year’s Music Resolution for 2013 is hoping our 7th studio album which set to be out in next June will be successful! And also, I’m expecting CHTHONIC will keep going up to next level in band’s career. 🙂

6. Rod Usher (The Other): Year 2013 (!) and album number 6(66)… It’s gonna be anOTHER year of horror and hopefully our best album yet!

7. Jonathan “Johnny Plague” Cooke (Winds Of Plague): My New Year’s resolution is to slow down and appreciate each day more. To not take for granted any time I’m privileged to be on stage. To continually work on myself and be the best person I can be.

8. Brian Tatler (Diamondhead): My New Years Metal Resolution for 2013 is: To keep Diamond Head going for as long as humanly possible. Following the success of our 17 date US tour in 2011, we are working on an East coast tour of America in April 2013, and hopefully some dates in South America. I continue to look for new things in music and am always looking to hear a great new song. I listen to a lot of new bands hoping to find a jewel. Live long and prosper.

9. Christer Haroy (Divided Multitude): For 2013 I will wrap up the recording of the new Divided Multitude album, set to be released Feb/ March. An play as many festivals as possible during the summer 🙂 See you guys at PPM Fest Belgium. And then record and release the new Teodor Tuff album in the fall of 2013. It will be a busy year, and I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!

10. Sal Italiano (Anvil/Cities): Looking to write and record with friends past and present in 2013.

11. Miri Milman (System Divide): My new year’s resolution will be definitely to try to do the best System Divide album we can, try to do something fresh and heavy and also get on the road as much as possible!

12. Ray LeGrand (Oblivion Myth): It is my sincere hope that Oblivion Myth will be able to help make a difference in not only the lives of our fans, but also our community through events like “Sanctuary From The Streets” which is booked for February 15th in Nashville and aims at driving awareness for the perils the homeless, displaced and hungry face on our streets every day and to raise funds to help ease their suffering. Onstage, I resolve to give everything I’ve got, no matter how large or small the crowd is. If I am not aching, sore or bleeding by the end of the night, I haven’t done enough! AND I resolve to ask for help in making Oblivion Myth a better band in 2013. This is not only by working with our team and consulting experts in the field, but by engaging our fans more and LISTENING to what they have to say. THEY are the reason why we take the stage… without them, we may as well stay in the garage.

One day left in 2012 my friends, can you believe it? I for one and very shocked at just how fast this year blasted by me. I will see you all tomorrow with our very last blog post for the Metal year…

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