New Year’s Music Resolutions For 2013: Part 4

When I do my NY Comic Con coverage, I always refer to the fourth chapter or segment as being my “Fantastic Fourth” edition since its kind of aimed at the comic book of the same name. Since
I could not come up with anything different as I compiled all of these resolution responses you will just have to bear with me as I use it once more to proudly welcome readers to our “Fantastic Fourth” chapter of “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013”; That’s all I have for you now, so get thee reading.

1. Erik Kliuber (Gypsyhawk): For 2013 I resolve to keep doing what I’ve been doing with music. Writing, performing, and learning new music is a state of being. I have to force myself to write a little to a lot every day I’m home. I’ll have very limited free time next year due to touring and having to work shitty jobs between tours. The next album has to be even better than “Revelry and Resilience”.

2. Elizabeth Schall (Dreaming Dead): To embrace my fears, doubts, my convictions, embrace my truth and turn each one of them into music.

3. Carmine Appice (Cactus/Vanilla Fudge/King Kobra): My New Year’s Music Resolution is to gig as much as I can with all my different bands from my past!!!

4. Amanda Kiernan (Into Eternity/Order of Chaos): I want to keep writing and Jamming! I want to tour the world, meet new friends. I’m going to give it all I’ve got and I ain’t ever going
to stop this Rock n Roll runs through my veins There are no limitations ! Music is my passion and I hope this year I can get my message through to people, to believe in themselves theirs nothing better than doing what you love. I won’t ever give up.

5. Lars Larsen (Manticora): To get my ass over the pond and do a North American tour!

6. Laura Wilde (Solo Artist): My New Years Metal Resolution would be to build on what my team and I have managed to achieve this past year. 2012 was great for me musically, as I released my debut album, “Sold My Soul” and embarked on a national US tour. My plan for this year is to work on new music and tour extensively to take it all to the next level. Let’s rock 2013!”

7. Ilker Ersin (Powerworld): To finish the next POWERWORLD album and tour a lot!

8. Lizzy Borden (Lizzy Borden): My New year’s Resolution for 2013 and beyond; Meeting those I’ve never met, doing what I’ve never done, seeing what I’ve never seen, being who I’ve never been, loving who I’ve never loved, living how I’ve never lived, and becoming all I was meant to be…

9. Pamela Moore (Solo Artist): “Patience comes not without challenges but is rewarded by its virtue.” 2012 found me a little more desperate but a lot more determined, a little more humble and a whole lot more grateful. Here’s to 2013 and another chance for all of us to get it right. Happy New Year! BRING IT ON!!!

10. Michael Weikath (Helloween): ‘I’ll try to yank even more good tones outta the wonderful new Trans Black Les Paul Standards and tremolo Flying Vs I got recently. Those already got shown at the Loudpark and Knockout festivals. These guitars are done and sound so well, its a real pleasure using them. Sounds fishy what I say here but it’s the plain truth 🙂

11. Henny Wolter (Nitrogods): “To record the next Nitrogods album on tape. Oldschool all the way.”

12. Emily Lazar (September Mourning): My musical resolution this year is for the release of our MTV collaboration for our September Mourning webisodes on to come out…. the live action episodes of the comic book come to life! And of course to go along with that, a brand new album, the physical comic and tons of touring… Cannot wait to see everyone on the road in 2013!!

and that brings us to the end of yet another illuminating look inside the minds and plans of some musical greats. I’ve decided to leave it at that instead of any further waxing poetic but I will surely see you tomorrow for (drum roll please……) – Chapter Five. Remember to click the official websites linked below. I made sure to locate the most up to date ones and you know these bands want you to see what they are up to. Ciao my Friends.

Official Websites:
Dreaming Dead:
Carmine Appice:
Into Eternity:
Laura Wilde:
Order Of Chaos:
Lizzy Borden:
Nitro Gods:
September Mourning:
Pamela Moore:

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