New Year’s Music Resolutions For 2013: Part 2

Hey there readers and welcome back to the presentation of “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013”; I am really glad that you are joining us along for the series because it’s such a blast giving everyone a look inside the thoughts of these musical people. I’ll stop talking now and let you get right into it since there are many more chapters for me to share additional opinions with you. Have at it.

1. Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger/Trans-Siberian Orchestra/Rock Of Ages): My 2013 New Year’s Music Resolution is to CONTINUE to work as hard as possible and appreciate every second of the best job on planet Earth!…and meeting Angus Young would be bad ass 🙂

2. Tim Roth (Into Eternity): My New Year’s Metal Resolution for 2013 would be, to continue my daily listening, of the latest Yngwie J. Malmsteen album entitled, “Spellbound”. I think we all could learn a lesson or two about the relentless drive, that Yngwie has towards pushing the envelope of Neo-Classical Metal. I vow also, to continue to teach my 4 year old son, Lucca Jacob Yngwie Roth, the ways of the Jedi Shred Legend that is and only could be, Yngwie J. Malmsteen! In addition, I would like to spend more time on and I’d love to see my musical group, Into Eternity, head back to Europe AND release our long overdue 6th album.

3. Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot): 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of “Metal Health” and I plan to continue to bring the music of QUIET RIOT to the fans and to keep the memory of Kevin DuBrow alive and well through the music that he and I never took for granted and have so much pride in. That is my singular New Year’s Music Resolution for 2013.

4. Amanda Somerville (Trillium): Here are my musical resolutions for 2013: More, more, more! The more I do, the more I want to do and would like to offer as much to my Somervillains, both existing and potential, as possible. 2013 is going to be the biggest and best year yet in my eclectic musical safari of a life and I’d like to go above and beyond what I’ve done until now to make that happen and keep on growing. This means closer interaction, more touring, a new studio release, innovative merch packages and an overall enhanced relationship with the people who keep me in music. 2012 was a big year in stepping away from doing mainly studio work behind-the-scenes for other bands and doing more of my own thing out in the open and 2013 will be taking me even further in that independent direction. Fire away and welcome, 2013! Best wishes for a merry Christmas and a great “slide” into the new year (as they say in Germany)!

5. Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Danzig, Seventh Void, APHND, Seven Witches): 2013 can’t come fast enough! Weathered a few storms in 2012 & I’m looking forward to the new year. Danzig, APHND, and Seven Witches all have new releases coming out this year. Gonna try to get the next Seventh Void record done as well! I hope I’m completely exhausted by the end of 2013 from all of it!

6. Norman Skinner (Skinner, Hellscream, Dire Peril, & Tramontane): Finish up vocals for the new SKINNER CD “Sleepwalkers” & record my 1st ever music video for the title track. I’d also like to embark on a US or European tour this year to support the release. Finish recording and release my debut album with the band Hellscream and play at the very least a handful of live dates with them. Release the debut Dire Peril CD “Through Space & Time” making 3 CD releases in 2013!!

7. Zak Stevens (Circle II Circle/former Savatage): In 2012 I was very lucky to get to perform in more places around the world in the span of one year than ever before. So I want to pick up right where we left off. I want the music to continue to provide it’s magic and to keep giving us incredible moments and memories all over the planet. My resolution is to take this experience to an even higher level in 2013!

8. Jeremy Wagner (Broken Hope): “My New Year’s Music Resolution–to deliver the most awesome/shocking/brutal BROKEN HOPE album to date and to give our worldwide fans the best BROKEN HOPE shows/tour they’ve ever seen.”

9. Vinny Appice (Kill Devil Hill/Heaven and Hell): My Music Resolution is to start wearing earplugs onstage every show and stop saying “What Did You Say?”

10. Dug Pinnick (King’s X): My New Year’s Music Resolution for 2013 is “To make as much music, with as many people as I can, and to have fun doing it!”

11. Anders Johansson (Fullforce): “To keep playing, practising and listen to music”

12. Collin Leijenaar (Affector): “The Affector new year’s resolution will be: release our second album and hopefully be able to tour! ”

Two down and plenty more to go and oh yeah “thanks Tim”, I so appreciate you wanting more time in your day. Feel free to stop by our site anytime that you like, the Metal door is always open. Well that is it for our second chapter of the second series (second son of a second son mayhaps?). Stay tuned right here for the upcoming chapters and if you’ve enjoyed what some of these folks said, feel free to leave some comments below (but do save any resolutions of your own for the final chapter). Also, please click the official website links listed below to show these artists the ever appreciated love and to learn more about those who might be unfamiliar to you.

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