New Year’s Music Resolutions For 2013: Part 11

Hails and Hello to The Metal Republic, my hope is that our continuing series opening finds you all well. Now that we are at Chapter Eleven, I have to admit that I never expected the responses to be this awesome but of course I am very glad for them when it all comes down to it. Okay, enough from me, let’s get back into the “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013” as contributed by some great talents.

1. Tyler Burrow (Publicist): “It is such a great feeling to be embraced by the music scene in NYC. Such an amazing community of people with brilliant minds and beautiful souls. I look forward to being part of discovering and nurturing new talents in the New Year and help others speak the language that the entire world understands, and that’s music.”

2. Kevin Quirion (Deicide, Order of Ennead, Shadow Society): For 2013, I want to finish up some songs that have been just sitting around for awhile. Also I would like to find one new band that I really enjoy. Its been awhile. Oh yeah, try and see Ghost this year too.

3. Benny Rose (Ghosts Of Eden): “To have 2013 be the year of the Ghosts! To make my late father proud of being able to push all these years and struggle to be a part of something so special. To be the pioneers of bringing Velvet Grunge out as a genre.”

4. Lorena Peril (Singer): I’m excited for another fabulous year with Anita Mann and the beautiful dancers in Fantasy at the Luxor with Sean E. Cooper. It’s been so incredible to sing for audiences from around the world while introducing the hottest ladies of the night in Las Vegas. I suppose if I were to make a musical new year’s resolution, it would be to use music as a vehicle to help more causes and charities. 2012 was a year that really opened my eyes to the effect it can have in this way. Adding to the many charitable events of the last year, I resolute to be a part of the Anti Bullying and NOH8 campaigns. These are both close to my heart as you’ll hear when my new song “Hate Stand Aside” joins my other two singles on iTunes in the coming weeks. As always I hope the best for all in 2013. As my rocker husband would say, “Have a Face Melting Rocking New Year.”

5. Rudolph Albert (Creation’s End): My new years MUSIC resolution would be to get the new Creation’s End album out early May. Get some festival dates lined up and possibly another mini-tour like the one we did. Continue writing for a future record and just overall progess in becoming a bigger and better band.

6. Jeff “Oly Olson (Trouble, The Skull, Retrograve): “My new year’s music resolution is to grind more Hammond organ and buy more vinyl.”

7. Todd Sucherman (Styx): I wish in the upcoming year to push myself further as a musician buy working harder, taking myself out of my comfort zone, and exploring new ideas as earnestly as possible. As well, continue the pursuit of being the best person I can be. Oh, and maybe drop 5 pounds (maybe 10)…and curse less. Perhaps.

8. Douglas Skene (Hemina): “To craft a heavier and more melodic Hemina for our follow up album ‘Venus’ in 2013″

9. Luke Wenczel (Divine Ascension): To make our second album bigger and better than our first.

10. Patrick Hemer (Solo Artist): Recording my best album ever.

11. Jack Starr (Burning Starr): My New Year’s Resolution is” to spend less time on Facebook and meet more people in the real world,also play more guitar and finally write a song equivalent to Stairway to Heaven or Dream On in other words a great classic piece of music that will stand the test of time.Also I would like to lose a little weight make an incredible metal album that is even better than the last one Land of the Dead which was the best album of my thirty plus year recording career.and yeah some peace in the world would be nice too,lol ”

12. TJ/Theresa Jeane (The Nearly Deads): My New Year’s Music Resolution is simply to keep writing, finish our new album and see it released in 2013. I would love for us to go on a European tour at some point. Most importantly, I want to inspire our fans all over the world to believe in themselves and reach whatever goals they have! Thanks for your continued support and for reaching out to me on this! Happy New Year!

That is all we have for now my friends, so while we shall see you tomorrow for the Final Chapter in our series, please do these kind contributors a service by clicking their websites and learning more about what they are up to. I know that they will appreciate that for sure.

Official Websites:
Tyler Burrow:
Order Of Ennead:
Ghosts Of Eden:
Lorena Peril:
Creations’s End:
Todd Sucherman:
Divine Ascension:
Patrick Hemer:
Burning Starr:
The Nearly Deads:

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