New Year’s Music Resolutions For 2013: Part 10

Whew. How are you all doing? Are you still with me as we press on towards the final stages of our “New Year’s Music Resolutions for 2013”? Man I sure hope so because this has been a ride like no other and I am loving getting the plans of the Metal and Rock greats out to your computer or mobile device screens. Here we go with Chapter Ten. Enjoy.

1. Jason Lekberg (Ikillya): My resolution for 2013 is to make the best album of my career thus far and hopefully share it with as many people as possible. 🙂

2. Michael Scondotto (The Last Stand/Inhuman): My New Year’s Music Resolution is to play as many shows as possible with The Last Stand, as our debut full length “The Time Is Now” comes out on January 22nd on Eulogy Recordings. Aside from that, look for another Inhuman vinyl edition and maybe my Metal project will surface sometime in 2013???

3. Alberto Rigoni (Solo Artist): Hey world, wanna still hear some good quality music in the future? Please support the bands and artists purchasing their music, digital or CD.. otherwise they will disappear!

4. Killenstein (Wrath Of Killenstein): Satanic Panic 2013. To enlighten , thrill and disgust receptive new minds through music and video

5. Johnny Gioeli (Hardline): My New Years Resolution for 2013 is: Enjoy the fruits of my labor…..Preferably fermented fruits…

6. Darrell Roberts (formerly of W.A.S.P./Five Finger Death Punch): To be completely honest,I don’t have a musical resolution(or any resolution)for 2013. I have never thought that saying a few words or putting a time table on something(especially music) was beneficial or meaningful in any way

7. Jess Goldey (Well Excuse Me Princess): My New Year’s Music Resolution is to get one step closer to being able to play guitar just like Paul Gilbert.

8. Bill Hudson (Circle II Circle, Emphatic session for Vital Remains): Last year, my resolution was to release material with a project I was working on. As if faith had it, I instead became very busy with touring with three different bands, which took me all over the world, from Europe to Dubai to a heavy metal cruise to South America for the first time. In 2013, I want to be able to keep working. I want to tour and play as many shows and festivals as I can all over the world. Meet new people, and bring music to them. You can’t really put a price tag on that…”

9. Gus G. (Firewind): New Years resolution is the recording & releasing my first solo album and see where that takes me. Of course some more touring with Firewind.

10. Commodore Redrum/Justin Greczyn (Swashbuckle): For the coming year, 2013 Anno Domini, I’d like to see Swashbuckle finish up writing and recording our fourth studio album. I’d also like to get some touring done, hopefully in Europe and abroad, but also maybe some dates here in the States. Besides Swashbuckle, we’re also working on a full length release with our Trucker Metal side project, BiGRiG (, which is comprised of the three original founding members of Swashbuckle. So, lots of things to look forward to!

11. Chris Caffery (Solo Artist/Savatage/Trans-Siberian Orchestra): I am going to make sure I write at least a part of a song every day!

12. Anastasia Devana (Ashentide): I actually have three New Year Music Resolutions. As a musician, my resolution is to continue improving my craft and opening my mind to new music ideas. As a member of Ashentide, I would love to bring our first full release to a successful completion. Finally, as a composer, my goal is to score my first feature film, my first video game, and to write a concert piece – a composer’s “trifecta”!

Alright my friends, I’ve a busy day of plotting and planning my conventional review course now that 2013 is underway so please do click as many of these website links as you can to show these talents some love. I will see you tomorrow with Chapter Eleven. Ciao.

Official Websites:
The Last Stand:
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Wrath Of Killenstein:
Darrell Roberts:
Well Excuse Me Princess:
Circle II Circle:
Chris Caffery: http://www,
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Ashentide Website:
Anastasia Devana

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